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Grace’s Sunrise Service Pictures

Last Sunday was an awesome time reflecting on our Lord Jesus’ resurrection. Our church had a sunrise service right in a park! It was cool & shady during our service from 7.30 –9.30am. In fact, that morning, someone snapped a picture of a double rainbow just before we began!


Praise & Worship led by Eddy Quay & Team! We had a special choir & orchestra team as well!


The congregation during praise & worship


My niece, Nivee, obviously having a rockin’ time!


Our church ‘grounds’ literally for that day!


Ps. Henry, as usual, sharing passionately


Another view of the church


From behind the trees…


Our little ‘camp site’..


My brother, Ranjit, sis-in-law, Sagun & nephew, Nischal, all ready for breakfast..


Free breakfast for all provided by the church. Instead, we went to a mamak nearby to avoid the long queue here..

Stay blessed!

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