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The DIY-Geek: Recovering Your Router’s Corrupted Firmware

Kyocera KR1 Mobile EV-DO Router

Image by Laughing Squid via Flickr

If you are anything like me, you are probably the type of person who would like to do stuff on their own. Especially, when it’s a knucklehead of a problem, like when your router’s firmware is corrupted.

Recently, my brother passed his old router to me (believe it or not, I was using a DSL modem – and was quite happy with it!) to test out and use. So I said to myself, “Why not?” Since I have some experience with a router before, I plugged this in, logged into the router (via the IP address supplied by manufacturer) & happily experimented. Then I went online to check if there were any new updates. There weren’t but the oldest update was seemingly newer than the firmware on the router, or at least, that’s what I thought.

Anyway, long story short, the techie in me got the update downloaded and when I tried to update the firmware, it gave me an “EAccess Violation Error”.. I tried a few times to no avail, and it even gave me a “Peer connection reset / closed” (or something to that effect) error a few times!

So finally, after much struggle, I managed to upload it and get it started again! Learning from my mistakes, here’s what to do and to avoid:

1. Make sure you disable your anti-virus software.
This gave me that “Peer connection reset / closed” error. Also disable any other programs from your anti-virus sitting in the system tray (the right-bottom). Disable them all.

2. Make sure Window’s firewall is stopped.
Go to My Network Places > View Network Connections (on the left bar) > Left-mouse click Local Area Connection > Properties


Advanced tab > Settings


Click on the Off button > “Okay” all windows


The worst headache of all if not stopped – the nagging, irritating, backaching “EAccess Violation” error! Arrghh.. Ok, now you know.

3. Make sure you are connected via cable, not wireless.
Common sense. I didn’t make this error, in case you are doing it.

Now you can update your firmware to your hearts content! Just 3 steps to ensure your firmware is up & running. Once this is done, you can get your firewall & anti-virus back up again!

Happy Routing!


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