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The Ultimate Jam Session: Real-Time, Across The Globe Via The Net!

We hear about collaboration over the Net every now and then, but this really takes the cake! 8 artists from 4 continents connected via the Net jamming to 1 song!

It may seem little surprise since many may think there are many professional artists who record tracks and email or upload the tracks via the Net. In fact, there are. However, I have yet to see any major label artists collaborating real-time over the Net like this! Well, this is the music revolution of tomorrow.

This collaboration is called Jam Session 2.0. Check out the full video below and for info on the lyrics and on the artists who collaborated , visit: You can also download the song for free at the site.

Kudos to the artists of Jam Session 2.0!

Jam Session 2.1 beta, anyone? :-)