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Why The Star's TV Show Reviews Are Redundant

When I read about the review on Monk's upcoming new season (check here for the official website) on The Star, imagine how ecstatic I was! I am currently a late bloomer on Monk and am catching up on the previous seasons (just finished Season 3, moving on to 4). So I was really all excited when I read on The Star of a new season to tie up the loose end.

Being a noob at Monk, I didn't realise, of course, that Season 8 tied up the one major, and not to mention only, loose end - Trudy's death. Imagine my surprise when I surfed Monk's site at USA Network and found that there weren't any new Season coming up AND that Season 8's finale, besides being the most watched tv series, was about catching Trudy's killer. And that's that. No more Monk.

So I was rather upset and surpised that The Star got it late - six months late! Apparently, Season 8 was aired in the US in August! So, after re-reading carefully again, I found out they were talking about Season 8 and not a new season. So here's the funny thing, they published the article, an US review which mentioned the new season 8 when, in  fact, the season's over in the US. Which only means that it was an old review that they had published. No doubt over here in Malaysia the last season of Monk is just being aired. But come on! Treat us with some respect & intelligence!

Just because they are airing the freaking season late doesn't mean The Star has to treat us viewers like morons! In case you publishers didn't notice, people who do follow the series, even noobs like me, can Google and find out how pathetic your very, VERY late article is. The Star could always write a review even when the show began last August to update Monk fans.

The Star can always have the courtesy to mention that the TV network here is airing the last  season of Monk and mention when it was originally aired in the US. They could start treating viewers intelligently by writing what is exactly true. And not publish an old US review and pretend that it's new.

So this is where journalism gets thrown out of the window, huh? Publishing stale news.. riggggght!

Have a blast!


Feb 19, 2010, 7:06:00 PM Ted said...

I love Monk ( my mom too)! Just finished watching season 5 and I think in many ways i start to act and think like him. (Wipe! Wipe!) Oh so season 8 will be the final one eh... I didn't know tat. Will be looking forward to it.

Feb 21, 2010, 1:22:00 PM Slickdrums said...

Hey Ted, nice of you to "drop in"..heh.

Yeah, the Season's ended. But really funny how The Star run articles as though it's really the final season this year when it has already ended last year. I think they at least ought to mention it proper and that its last season is in Malaysian TV.

Yeah, Irene & I love Monk too. In some ways, it does rub off on you, doesn't it?

Hey, my regards to your mom!


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