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Forget The Tablet, Think iPad

I know, right? iPod, iPad? It’s really mind boggling (do people still say this.. Mind boggling?) these innovative gurus, especially the High Guru Steve Jobs, couldn’t, for the future of Apple in the mouth, come out with something less.. like a woman’s product?

Okay, before I get smacked by a woman for discriminating against their wonder product, Apple’s new UltraThin iPad is the NEW wonder gadget due this April. And believe me, it will make the hardest critics drool in anticipation to play this new baby!

Forget the tablets, looks like Apple is set to turn the tables against PC makers by making the tablet a myth, and the iPad, corny as it sounds, the new lingo for cool mobile computers!

Check out Mashable’s Review on iPad.

Is this like cool or what!


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