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Beginner Drum Lesson #2: Grip Technique + Rebound Strokes

I found this video on Vic Firth Educational Series an A+! This is, by far, the best instructional video on grips & rebound strokes. In fact, it had helped me improve my own drumming!

This video is by Mark Wessel and although the series is mainly for the snare drum percussionists (drumline), it is a technique for all drummers. If you get this wrong, then you only would have to suffer.

A lot of beginner drummers out there are learning very weird grips that are not even within the scope of drum stick grips! Plus many drummers are still using a whole lot of wrist power than fingers to employ the rebound stroke. Lots of difference!

I’ve found that learning it right the first time saves time and builds strength & muscle memory.

2.1 Practice Suggestions & Concepts

2.2 Correct Grip Techniques

2.3 The Rebound Strokes

Have a blast!


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