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Applying Paradiddles & Triplets to Hands & Feet (Double bass)

This old drum lesson video by Simon Philips is really incredible. Now you know how many world class drummers play with super independence & agility!

And really, the best part is, it’s not really out of the world. It just takes practice and starting slow at first!


Dec 24, 2012, 8:55:00 AM Unknown said...

I can't really explain the exact circumstances, but there's a
TON of times where you wind up playing paradiddles without even
realizing it. for instance, when you're playing 8ths on the hats
and you want to hit the snare on the last 4 16ths (4 e & a).. on
the 4, your right hand will hit the hats as normal as your left
hand hits the snare.

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