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Getting Intimate With The Angkor Temples! Pt.2

Angkor Wat (Cont)

The Day Pass

And right before I forget, as you enter the temple area, you would be required to get a Pass into the temple area. There’s a Day Pass, 3 Day Pass and 1 Week Pass. We got the Day Pass which cost us $20 per person.

You would need to keep this pass in good condition or the official may not allow you to enter the temple area. So don’t keep this in your pocket as when it gets hot (and believe me, it does!), you will sweat literally like a pig & soak these paper passes up quick!

So picking up from we left off. On the 2nd Level, just outside the 3rd Level structure, you will find libraries.

Ruins of the Library on 2nd Level The old ruins of the library on the 2nd Level

And this is one of two on the 1st Level. These are places, where back in the day, the public is able to learn the hindu teachings which were written in Sanskrit (and if I remember correctly, were replaced with Buddhist teaching later on).

The library on the 1st Level The library on the 1st Level

The people had learn by the different levels of the library, starting from the ones on the 1st Level (I think they were 2). Only after completing the studies at both libraries, they can proceed to the ones on the 2nd Level. And these teachings are written on palm leaves.

Palm leaves writingsExample of writings on Palm leaves

We saw the 4 element cleansing pool where people will cleanse themselves according to their elements.

One of the 4 elements pool One of the 4 elements cleansing pool

It was really captivating observing the detailed work on the architecture. Everywhere you turn, you see masterpiece art work on stone and if you looked carefully, it was mostly symmetrical! This really is incredible!

Engravings on a pillar Detailed engravings on a pillar!

We made our way out of the complex through the 1st Level entrance to the path where the King enters from.

Taking it all in.. Catching a breather outside the North area of the complex

Right outside the complex, there were pools, that according to Mony, where people used to wash themselves in. But not these days, of course (if you could see the color!). By this time, there were lots of people coming in along these areas (from the North Gate).

The reflection of Angkor Wat Capturing the reflection of Angkor Wat at the pool

The North GateUs walking towards the North Gate

The growing crowdThe crowd getting into the temple 

As we walked past the North Gate, Mony pointed out to us the large number of bridal parties who were there to take pictures. Apparently, that week was supposed to be a good week to get married.

Bridal party A bridal party passing by a snake balustrade (you can see part of the head)

.. and another bridal party..

..and another! The different colorful bridal parties at the temple

We walked along the pathway with the snake body balustrade (the same that we saw at the South Entrance) and the moat that goes all around Angkor Wat (where there once crocodiles but not anymore), taking one last good look at this beautiful masterpiece of architecture & making our way to Angkor Thom to visit the Bayon Temple.

The large incredible moat The large moat that goes all around Angkor Wat

View from the front The view of the temple, moat and snake balustrade & farewell to Angkor Wat!


Next up - Angkor Thom & The Bayon Temple in Getting Intimate With The Angkor Temples! Pt. 3


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