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Cambodia: Arriving In Siem Reap!

The Tuk-Tuk What a trip to Cambodia! Hot, humid, dusty and Tuk-Tuk drivers clamoring for your dollar.

This would probably be a put off for a few. But really, it isn’t, not by a long-shot!

The infamous common transport: The Tuk-Tuk

This is a country with a great history & devastating past, coupled with well preserved relics & ancient architecture that cries out, “Adventure!”. And that it was for me & my wife from 14th of Nov til 18th Nov. A great 5 days in the Khmer (pronounced Keh-mare) Kingdom!

It was all excitement plus a little insecurity not knowing what to expect in this war-torn-being-rebuilt country. But we soon found out that the place is rather safe and tourist friendly. As one driver told me, “We don’t rob tourist like that other country does. We need your business, so we treat you right!”

Our adventure began in Siem Reap (means, “Siam Defeated”) where we arrived on the 14th Nov around noon, local time. My wife had already made transportation arrangements with the hotel, so we didn’t have to struggle finding out how to get to our hotel (and keeping our sanity in avoiding the number of Tuk-Tuk drivers wanting our business!) from Siem Reap International Airport.

Our driver was a friendly lad and could speak English well enough for us to understand (I must add here that these drivers are hired by the hotel and not employees of the hotel). Instead of taking us the direct route to the hotel, he took us along the scenic one where we would pass the Angkor Wat by the main entrance.  I love the guy for it!

Arrival in Siem Reap Passed by a Hot-air balloon that you could take over the temples.

Entrance of Angkor WatThe quick shot of the entrance as we passed by Angkor Wat

View of Angkor Wat Another view of the Angkor Wat from the car – can’t wait!

Now, while it’s rather cheap to backpack and stay in budgets, I do recommend the 5-star Hotel stay that makes a whole lot of difference in enjoying your stay in Cambodia. It’s a splendid way to end a hot, dusty day of exciting adventure – believe me!

Courtesy of my wife’s company, we had the pleasure of staying at Le Meridien Angkor, a great 5-star Hotel with really excellent service, in Siem Reap. A superb start to an adventure by tagging along on your spouse’s work trips!

Le Meridien Hotel room The very, very cozy and beautiful room in Le Meridien Angkor

Beautiful design of the room Another view of the room – you can peek into the bathroom!

So we didn’t backpack & stayed at budget hotels, that doesn’t mean we didn’t have an adventure. If you just spend time checking out the attractions of Cambodia, you can still enjoy an adventure! You can stay in any good 5 star hotel with great hot baths and sumptuous breakfast spread and still earn your badge of honor!

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