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Stargate Universe just didn't "LOCK"!

cast_01 What makes me a ardent fan of the Stargate series is the fun in all the series.  It was real fun because the premise of the Stargate series was exploring new worlds through the stargate, fighting evil alien egomaniacs bent on galaxy domination and forming new allies. And best of all, it was a FUN family show!

The casting were magical for both SG-1 and Atlantis - superb matches! And storyline was interesting, without venturing into corny-ness, where  it developed story arcs - The Go'aulds, Oris, Wraiths etc. Like I said, it was a whole lot fun!

But Stargate Universe sucked the fun out! Dark & too much drama! I don't want to watch another dark, depressing Battlestar-Galatica do over! I only watched 1 episode of Battlestar Galactica and I said, "This is NOT sci-fi!." I want the action, the magic chemistry between characters and the fun factor that makes us glued to Stargate! And what's with the sex scene? Are they nuts? What the heck is wrong with Wright & Cooper? Stargate WAS a family drama. That evidently got sucked into space!

So far, the debut movie (2 hr length) doesn't jive and and at the end of it, there's no fun in watching SGU. If I wanted dark, I would just go outside. The world is dark enough, let TV be a little ray of sunshine!

All in all, SGU has only a few near hits (awesome Ancient ship - Destiny.. that's about it) and many wide misses (the cast, the plot - who needs another Battlestar Galactica or Star Trek Voyager? and the dark drama - overused, overrated and mismatch for SG franchise!).

Here's what is said on The Variety!


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