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Can Lotus F1 Make Money In The 1st Year?

In a recent article, from the lips of Datuk Kamarudin Meranun of Tune Group:

“We will make money in the first year as we have always done with our other ventures.”

Bold words. Can Lotus F1 make money in the 1st year?

And continued from the magic lips of Tony Fernandez, Hero of Tune Group:

“We are monetising the Lotus brand. It is one of the greatest racing brands and nothing invokes the same emotion except Ferrari.”

Really? Lotus.. nothing, Ferrari.. AWESOME!, Lotus.. umm, still nothing, Ferrari.. AWESOME! Nope, not getting it.

In the same article, Tony mentions of a F1 brand that sells £150 Million of T-shirts. Sure, that must only be Ferrari.

Is all this marketing hype? Perhaps partly.

For Lotus to make money, it MUST win races. When a team wins, it is popular. Popularity wins fans. More fans, more merchandise sold!

If by being a F1 team is reason enough to rake the dough, then one must pounded one's head in the wall to ask why Honda quit it and Toyota in a financial quandary whether to continue!


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