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Building Your Twitter Following Correctly

Yes, ethics is the key word in following a large twitter follower base. It’s all about people reading your tweet or your profile, seeing what they like about you, follows you. Spamming with tweets of your affiliate links will earn you a smack on the head & other spammers spamming you!

When you participate in webjunks like “Have 200 followers a day!”, you get followers for the sake of followers where the large number of them are not your audience and wouldn’t give a hoot about you, your product or service. In fact, you might just open yourself to spammers, big time.

So, you might be an individual or even a business, building a base of followers has rules to abide with, albeit simples one, yet sacred!

Here are some links you can follow to start on your twitter community:

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BrightHub : 7 Tips for Getting More Twitter Followers for Your Small Business

Hope these articles & advices give you the necessary right tools to grow your Twitter audience!

God Bless!


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