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Lotus F1 Team - A 1Malaysia Project, or..?

I must admit I was stunned that Malaysia was getting into the F1 business. Maybe it's the '1' thing or maybe Tony Fernandez had a great time at the Raya open house (the private one) of his new warmest pal, PM Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, and over some hot spicy tongue lashing rendang, got the ok for F1Malaysia (my creativity here.. I think it's better than 1Malaysia F1 Team).

Tony does have the wonder of the gap and the ability to take dying breeds to new heights. We've AirAsia, Now Everyone Can Fly (..Late!) and now Lotus F1 Team, Now Everyone Can Own A F1 Brand. Another "Malaysia Boleh" project? Perhaps it's a chance for Lotus to move up. I guess if the no-strings-attached-to-a-big-fish brilliant citizen with this hot idea came to PM's business aide (if he or she did ever managed to), it would either be another paper in the stylish chrome-plated, daily polished bin of the PM's office, or revised, redone, re-whatever, and put into Tony's hand.

But let's stay optimistic. It's F1Malaysia! With the Malaysia flag and stuff! I must say it's does feel good as long as my tax dollars don't pay for Tony's high frequent flyer miles raked for this purpose (someone better check the claim forms!). I love the PR spin done by the Government - all praise, no details. Just a vague figure of RM1Bil (USD3.6Bil!!) to invest. Never mind that, I say. Just root for Alex Yoong or whoever that's gonna cross the F1 finish line (..late!). At least our girls in tudung can be the new hot rave as F1 Queens!

Is this is F1Malaysia, why is Lotus F1 Team then incorporated in UK? I thought that it was going to be a pure Malaysian run business? Well, even if it was incorporated before in UK, for goodness PR sake, put the Malaysian company (1Malaysia F1 Team Sdn Bhd) & address on the site, man!

[Update: I found out that Lotus F1 Team company is somehow connected to the previously Litespeed F3 team in UK. Check out Paul Tan's Blog for more info.]

Anyway, if you wanna a piece of the action, apply for vacancies that 1Malaysia F1 Team Sdn Bhd listed here.


Have a blast!