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Government Officials & Social Media - Is The Idea Lost?

Whenever you see a Gov Official, - you know the type, the whole governing body range - reps, local council and all the way top, on a social media such Facebook or Twitter, do you go, "Oh, would be nice to hear what they eat, drink, rant & rave, bought for Christmas etc" ? or like plain old Citizen Joe me, you go, "Now, this is what I'm talkin'! Finally, officials want to be closer to the public and so they adopt social media to hear the people while sharing their own thoughts too!"?

Anyway, that's how I go. When I see an official on facebook or twitter, I reckon that these officials DO want to hear the people, get their feedback, while they share their take on their constituency's, and even on the Government's, issues.

I think Social Media is to narrow the gap of interaction no matter where you are. Sure, it all started as keeping in touch with your friends, it grew to interacting with other new friends in a different city on a different continent, with public figures. Now even companies build social network with their employees as well as with their customers.

I am sure if public figures don't want to hear the nasty feedbacks or complaints, then they ought to just allow their personal friends hook up, not the world (or in this case, their constituency). Nice artice here on why Companies are afraid of Social media (Thx @GuyKawasaki!). I can say the same for public figures.

In my case, I was told not to post a complaint (after I have done so) about a certain issue (with regards to a certain company) that pertains to efficiency in my area (see, I am not attacking anyone personally here) so all the residents at my block can be happy too! The Government Official told me not to post the complaint on his / her personal Facebook page - but I don't see a fan page where I could do so. Perhaps not to show a certain negativity where others may see? Or perhaps it is just a personal page (but why was I, not a personal friend, added)? Or perhaps for us, their constituency, to just hear them, and not the other way around?

I just think that if you are public figure, understand what Social Media is really about, embrace it & get used to it!


Have a blast!