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Just 38 Mins To Quit Smoking & Save $$$..

Smoking-Burns-Money In this current economic uncertainty, every single dollar counts. You never know when it comes in real handy. If you are spending, say, $20 per week on tobacco poison, that's $80 per month, $960 a year! Almost $1,000 per year! Imagine what you could do with $1000! A whole lot, that's what!

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What's worse is what you are directly pumping into your body! It's beyond horror!

  • Nicotine: a deadly poison
  • Arsenic: used in rat poison
  • Methane: a component of rocket fuel
  • Ammonia: found in floor cleaner
  • Cadmium: used in batteries
  • Carbon Monoxide: part of car exhaust
  • Formaldehyde: used to preserve body tissue
  • Butane: lighter fluid
  • Hydrogen Cyanide: the poison used in gas chambers (more..)

The big gun corporations will do anything to ensure you spend your well-earned dollars smoking your guts away. When you do, you are inhaling far more dangerous chemicals into your system that affects your immune system.

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