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3 Affiliate Marketing Promoting Secrets (Pt 2)

Ok, as promised, this is the 2nd part of the Promoting Secrets video.

Learn more about why some (if not most) Affiliates fail while others (the enlightened) have made significant amounts of profit.

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Have a blast!

The All New Google Shadow

The Google Shadow is a no-nonsense, no-gimmicks program launched by Chris X (DayJobKiller @ DJK, Project X) using a software & methods systemized by Tim Houston aka The Shadow.

Tim Houston, whom Chris X likens to a silent shadow, has successfully built a strong online income, such as raking in as much as $44,453 in just 7 days!

After much trial & errors, not unlike many affiliates, he improvised & kept persisently at understanding online marketing. Unlike many affiliates, he researched until he discovered the amazing secret of harvesting a massive income from Google, Yahoo & Microsoft as an affiliate.

And unlike the advise of many affiliates or gurus, The Shadow doesn't own a niche website.

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Lose The Smoke In 38 Min & 13 Secs!

stop-smoking I must say that this sounds very appealing even to myself, a non-smoker. Not that I need this, just that I have heard of various methods to kick the butt - gums, nicotine patches, pills etc  - that are heavily promoted but most often that not, doesn't really do the job.

Well, according to Rob Mellor, his program has a guarantee to ensure the habit stays lost for good in just 38 minutes & 13 secs.

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Apparently, he has tested his method, which is completely free of gum, nicotine patches, sprays & any gadgets or gimmicks, on 5000 smokers and have achieved a 99.7% success rate.

And even offers money back guarantee to back up his claim!

The Quit Smoking Today program is without doubt the easiest way available to kick those evil cancer sticks out of your life for good. It eradicates the usual problems that are associated with quitting smoking such as cravings, short temper, hunger and weight gain. Quit Smoking Today is so successful because it overcomes your desire to light up.

I guarantee your success. If you don't succeed, this program costs you nothing. But, you can't succeed if you don't get started. You may never have another opportunity so simple and easy to get you to quit smoking.


Some testimonials from ex-smokers : 

"I give your quit smoking system a 10/10 and your customer support another 10/10.

I wanted to give it ago after reading your website but I didn't like the idea of ordering over the internet.

After speaking with you I decided to go for it and I'm very glad I did as the ordering was trouble free and your step by step instructions were excellent.

I have stopped smoking now and I am already feeling a lot healthier. I can not thank you enough"


Doug Radford,
Florida, USA


"The 'Quit Smoking Today' system is just excellent and does exactly what it says.

I didn't believe it at first as I've tried the patches and gums but after quitting smoking myself using this program I'm more than happy to shout from the roof top that this is a clear winner for anyone who wants to stop smoking quick and easily"


Stephen Lewis,
California, USA

If you are a smoker or know of family or friends who are one and they would like to stop, refer them the site below.

Visit his site at for more information.