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How to Have Right Words For Your Domain

Now, I really know how tiring and frustrating it can really be when it comes to choosing a proper domain name.

You are just so excited to register. Adrenalin rushing, heart pumping, blood filling your head.. til you click on GoDaddy and stare blankly on the domain name to request. Paralyzed by.. a blank. Just a blank mind, a blank stare & high blood pressure.

Besides the fact that a lot of us are rather dry on our creative juices, choosing a name must be done with extreme care & concern. And words that actual sell!

I am sure a number of us would avoid These words don't sell. They repel potential customers. Even if your product was ethical, legitimate and credible, a stupid like that, well, don't sales anytime soon!

After all, the name you choose must reflect professionalism and your business. You don't want to have and promote kids crafts online.

So, care & concern. Professionalism and business focus.

Here's a great guide for everyone, including creative nuts, to inspire when thinking about right words that actuall sell!


Words That Sell By Richard Bayan

Have a blast!




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