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3 Ways To Fund Your Internet Marketing Business

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Perhaps you are thinking of needing some money about building your major online income. I know I have before. Spending money to get your internet business started and to market it requires some money.

You can make some quick money online fast. However, it will by no means be the kind of income you may be really dreaming about. Still, with these 3 ways, you can get a head start to fund your internet business. And still get to head happily to your local Starbucks store.

The 3 ways you can get started without investing a dime are: writing articles, taking up surveys and posting on forums.

1. Writing articles.

If you are into writing, this is a great way to start. You can start writing articles and get paid for them by top websites from $3 to $40. However, most of the time the bids placed on your articles are usually much less than $10.

Still, if you can churn out several articles a day, it is most definitely a great source of income. And you will be surprised just how easy it can really be.

2. Taking surveys.

For a fraction of your time & little effort, you get paid by survey websites. Why do these websites pay you to complete surveys? Information is power!

Companies want the scoop on their products and services from consumers that they are willing to pay loads of cash. And the top websites out there would pay anywhere from $1 to a possible $100.

Some offer around $0.80 on for their guaranteed surveys. May not be much, however for 30 days, you make almost $30. Considering the little effort, it’s not bad at all. Plus, you still participate in other surveys and still get paid on top of that.

Now, what if writing articles or spending time in front of the computer clicking away survey forms is not really your cuppa joe, there is still one other way.

3. Posting on forums

If you are able to just type in a minimum of 12 words or so each time, you are likely to get paid $0.10. And that’s what top websites pay for just type & clicking away.

12 words for $0.10 is really good money when you consider just how long (or quick) it takes to type & post 12 words. How many posts do you think you are able to post in 1 minute? Or in 1 hour?

Let’s do some simple accounting (not my favorite subject, but for the sake money!) – say you are truly, truly lazy and make only 60 post in 1 hour. That’s $6. What if you spend just 4 hours a day doing that? A nice $24 per day! In a month, you would make a sweet $720.

Enough for you to fund your internet business and still have enough to save for your PS3.

Yes, there are tons of ways to make some money quickly online; however, these are just tried and tested and far more credible. They may not be exactly the massive income approach but it will give you enough cash for a head start.

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Have a blast!


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