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After reading Singapore's PM Lee Hsien Loong's commentary about the rather impossibility of a non-chinese taking the reins of the 2nd most powerful office (first being Mentor Advisor office held by the most powerful man in Singapore history.. scare huh?!) in Asia's Fine City (Singapore's beloved pet name after the number of fines you get for about anything) anytime soon, it is rather apparent Singapore is going down the tubes. Of racial & political grime type.

Hsien Loong states that the win did not mean race was no longer an issue there, he said. He pointed out that after 20 years of Bush and Clinton presidencies, Americans wanted a change.

Perhaps. If there weren't any other possible candidates.

However, many believe that America, though reeling from a rather bad Bush day, were aware of whom they have chosen. At the end of the day, it was not black or white. It was for the future. And Obama, who is not just a fresh of breath air, was the man they needed to raise America.

And many Singaporeans do believe it will change the face of Singapore too. However, Hsien Loong's comments, beneath its rather political correctness exterior, displays an ugly shocking truth, that Singapore being a more refined, sophisticated, educated, global city center, would have it no other way.

He says:But to reach a position where everybody is totally race-blind and religion-blind, I think that’s very difficult. You will not find it in any country in the world.

There is no such thing as a perfect world. However, America, once thrived on racial bondage, now a complete different picture. A non-white man can be the most powerful man on the earth, chosen by the American people.

No, not everyone may be racial or religion blind, but surely America has shown that, in today's modern, educated society, the majority can be.

When you understand Hsien Loong's statement right, it dawns on one that it is rather racist, right from Obama's victory - which incidentally states otherwise, and it seems PAP wants to make sure one thing is clear: No other race would ever, EVER take the top position except that of an ethnic Chinese. They have "handled" every other opposition party, who else do the people vote for? And can a non-Chinese take the party's reins?

Racist enough for you?

Have a blast!


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