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A Mockery of God's Hand at work in the USA

Many (literally) Christians were & are (since I have read their sentiments) pretty strong against America's new President-Elect Barack Obama.

It is indeed very, very sad to hear how Christians were trying to convince other Christians from voting Obama.

Naysayings all conclude at one thing: electing Obama would mean that America is going down with the rest of the World. They portray Obama as tool or instrument of the enemy to cast American down the big black spiral hole!

Now before you get all riled up.. I am a Christian too. A bible-believing, God fearing, active for the past 21 years, Christian. I believe that God has His purposes and plans.

What? Just because Obama won it means that God was defeated? Are you kidding me? Can all this "prophets" hear themselves?

There was this Sarah Palin's prophecy where she is supposed to be the new Esther. If you have ever read Esther (if you haven't, do take a read), you will discover that Esther feared God. Sarah Palin.. well..

Sarah Palin didn't not apologise for her daughter's immoral acts that lead to her being pregnant. It's apparent that she & her husband, Todd, are ok with it.  This is not right. As Christians, we are imperfect and we do make mistakes, which is why we need to repent. Was Sarah P repentant? Very UNrepentant, if you'd asked me!

A prophecy of God would lead people to walk in His ways, which meant that Sarah Palin would have been told to repent if she ever wanted to be used by God. But the "prophecy" didn't mention such a thing.

A Christian mag even ran an article about how witches are sacrificing for Obama. So if they did the same for McCain, this Christians would probably just call a prayer against the acts of the devil. But in Obama's case, they are praying against Obama!

People will do stupid things, even really crazy things. But just because they do it for you, it doesn't mean that you believe nor condone such things! Or that you are the devil's spawn!

Btw, this same mag's editor runs that blog about Sarah Palin's prophecy.

And there are many more of useless hours spent writing these articles that props themselves to discredit Obama.



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