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Hooray! It worked.

Live Writer worked. This is one of those rare things that does. Like you are chased by a bunch of zombies, you managed to get into the car and lock the doors. You fumble around and in the state of complete whacked out panic, you get the keys into the ignition. And, you turn it on.

Only, it splutters. Kekkk-Kekk-Kekkkk.. And zombies, like the stereotype they are, are slowly arriving at your car. Then they just are. They bang. They growl. They hiss. Sounds like your kids, huh.

Then, after you pledge your life to help really poor farmers in the South of Chile and give everything you had to help your church, the engine starts (please make sure you fulfill those oaths unless you want zombies reappering while you are taking a shower!).

It starts, Oh glory, it starts! How sweet the sound!

Yes, it's like one of those times. Microsoft's the zombie. Live Writer the car. Me, the guy who's watching you act your a**  off trying to convince that you deserve an Oscar, in the theatre with my chips.

Good show, btw. You & Live Writer.



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