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Hooray! It worked.

Live Writer worked. This is one of those rare things that does. Like you are chased by a bunch of zombies, you managed to get into the car and lock the doors. You fumble around and in the state of complete whacked out panic, you get the keys into the ignition. And, you turn it on.

Only, it splutters. Kekkk-Kekk-Kekkkk.. And zombies, like the stereotype they are, are slowly arriving at your car. Then they just are. They bang. They growl. They hiss. Sounds like your kids, huh.

Then, after you pledge your life to help really poor farmers in the South of Chile and give everything you had to help your church, the engine starts (please make sure you fulfill those oaths unless you want zombies reappering while you are taking a shower!).

It starts, Oh glory, it starts! How sweet the sound!

Yes, it's like one of those times. Microsoft's the zombie. Live Writer the car. Me, the guy who's watching you act your a**  off trying to convince that you deserve an Oscar, in the theatre with my chips.

Good show, btw. You & Live Writer.


Trying out Windows Live Writer. Again.

Okay, I tried w.bloggar. Twice. No, am serious. I used w.bloggar's Mozilla version (v4.02) and I used the IE version (v4.03). Both, yes both, gave me error with the Title Post. Which means, no permalink.

So, am here with this. Again.

Is this Deja Vu? Is this Deva Vu?

Let's hope this works. Let's hop... aww, you're no fun!



Testing another version of Bloggar

Here goes nothing. w.bloggar, ladies & gents. And does the permalink work?


Posting with w.bloggar v4.02

Check out the new w.bloggar. Works well enough with Blogger. However, I need to check if the permalinks work. Didn't seem like it worked in my last post.

Well, if you want a light, quick blog editor that runs like a app client on your PC without needing online connection, check out w.bloggar.

w.bloggar also comes in a portable version where you can carry it around in your thumbdrive.


The Malay Hulk

Did you hear about a local producer wants to do a similiar version of Hulk? Like the malay folk lore of Badang, the village idiot with brawn but less brain. But because Badang is quite dumb, they want to use Hulk's version since it's not so stupid, just full of rage.

They plan to use CGI and the latest hi-tech stuff.

The movie is scheduled to play early 2010. Since they don't want to use a Malay hero's name & not infringe on copyrights, they plan to pronounce & write the word "Hulk" to "Hak".

The project is rumored to have a few titles, one rather conservative titled was "Ketuanan Hak Melayu" (apparently it is suppose to be "The Malay Hulk Lordship"). It was shot down as too corny. Some speculated that the eventual title would be "Melayu punya Hak!" (The Malays' Hulk).

Whatever the speculations, the project was eventually titled "Kuasa Hak Melayu" (The power of the Malay Hulk). The film is rumored to be "Kuasa Hak Melayu - Tiada Lawan" (The power of the Malay Hulk - Nothing Like it).

The main characters are:
Berus Banyak (Bruce Banner)
Betih Ross Ak (Betty Ross)
Doc Samseng (Doc Samson) - rumors has it that a very former prominent MP was given this rather Semi Value role. Toll-ywood in the making.

Villains in the movie:
Doc MasterMind (or Doc M) - Another new character, apparently the mastermind behind all the racketeering. Something like Dr. No in James Bond.
Kei Jay - A suave villain with charm. Want to take over the underworld.

They are looking for cast to audition for the role.

Pretty Interesting storyline. Once I get the scoop on this, Slickdrums will dish out double dose for you!

Stay tuned!