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How to Have Right Words For Your Domain

Now, I really know how tiring and frustrating it can really be when it comes to choosing a proper domain name.

You are just so excited to register. Adrenalin rushing, heart pumping, blood filling your head.. til you click on GoDaddy and stare blankly on the domain name to request. Paralyzed by.. a blank. Just a blank mind, a blank stare & high blood pressure.

Besides the fact that a lot of us are rather dry on our creative juices, choosing a name must be done with extreme care & concern. And words that actual sell!

I am sure a number of us would avoid These words don't sell. They repel potential customers. Even if your product was ethical, legitimate and credible, a stupid like that, well, don't sales anytime soon!

After all, the name you choose must reflect professionalism and your business. You don't want to have and promote kids crafts online.

So, care & concern. Professionalism and business focus.

Here's a great guide for everyone, including creative nuts, to inspire when thinking about right words that actuall sell!


Words That Sell By Richard Bayan

Have a blast!



How to Start an Online Business

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit
An online business is a business that is run via the internet. These businesses may include retailing, outsourcing of services, reselling of items and others. Finding an online business that you can make money from may require you to create a website that advertises your business and items, registering yourself on certain websites or forums where you can advertise your services and finding clients from the rather huge world of the internet.



Choose Your Focus
  1. Identify your area of expertise. Do you have any information that others will benefit from?
  2. Write down some keywords that you will be using on your website and check out the demand for your keywords using the Overture tool of Yahoo.
  3. Use to determine the Google supply(the number of websites that are built around those keywords) for your keywords.
  4. Determine profitability of your keywords using the formula 'Demand number/Supply number'.
  5. There are a lot of businesses you can start on the internet and the first thing you should establish is what kind of business you think you can successfully run. There are outsourcing businesses that offer manpower for a whole lot of online jobs, like writing jobs, research jobs, accounting jobs and other web site related work. If you are a programmer who specializes in optimizing websites, an SEO business could be your online business of choice.
  6. Knowing what you can easily offer people online and what business you can successfully run and make money out of is the first step in running an online business. After determining this, you will need to come up with a plan for the execution of your business idea. You may start with hiring a programmer to create your website for you or you can create your own website if you are capable of doing so. You will also need to find hosting for your website as well as to register your domain name. If your site requires additional manpower, you may need to look for the people who will be working with and for you, like for those businesses that offer outsourced workers. You cannot put up a site that offers outsourced work and workers without the people who are capable of doing the services you are advertising. You will also need to establish a way for your future clients to communicate with you. While you can use a free email provider for this, it would be more professional for you to have an email connected with your domain or website.
Create an Online Presence
  1. Build a content website for your profitable keywords which overdelivers to the user that you are targeting. Remember an Internet user is looking for information and not sales talk. So use your content to show her your expertise in your area. Write your content in such a way that your user stays and browses through your site instead of hitting the 'back' button. Talk to your user through your content and pre-sell to them the product you want to sell - information/product/your offline business etc. Pre-selling using content builds confidence in your user.
  2. Build traffic to your website using simple free-to-use tools.
  3. Monetize your site. Use Google Adsense and/or Yahoo Publisher Network on your site to monetze. Follow some easy to follow tips given by google for posting adsense ads on your site, that will make you money.
Finance your Endeavor
  1. Research and select an online payment processing service so that you can provide your customers with a wide array of payment options, such as credit card,e-wallets PayPal, or even bank transfers.
  2. Use other ways of monetizing as well if you are not an entrepreneur.
  1. Find a mentor, the person who has a good success system to follow!
  2. Find a direct sales model. It's the fastest way to break-even.


  • Find a business system that has been proven successful.
  • A thing that needs to be ironed out for your online business is your billing service. While there are businesses that may bill their clients directly after a contract has been agreed upon and signed and these bills are paid for through checks that are deposited into the service provider's bank account, there are some clients who require a certain online billing system for them to pay for the services they have contracted. You may need to register with a billing system like Paypal for your online business to make billing and payment easier and less of a hassle to you and your clients.
  • Putting up an online business may be easy or hard, depending upon whether you did your research well and laid down all the groundwork before you began. You can make money out of an online business if you execute the necessary steps and do not miss out on some of the essentials that are needed for an online business to succeed.


  • Watch out for website hosting and building services that do not handhold you through the process of building an e-commerce website.
  • Keep in mind that it is a business. Learn from your failures but also the success of others. Be a willing and eager student.
  • Never give out your money to anyone to show you how to make money. Please be very cautious before spending a penny.

Things You'll Need

  • A Website with a domain name that you can acquire from a website hosting service.
  • A good training system to follow with step by step details.
  • It is much more profitable to outsource when you are beginning to start an internet business. This will insure that you have experts doing the work for you instead of you trying to figure it all out.

Slickdrums insertion:

These are just tips of the iceberg. Starting Your Online Business IS NO piece of cake. The really the best way to get help from true blue successful Internet Entrepreneurs.

Many are Internet Millionaires who are the Industry's Who's Who and are credible people with vast experience & knowledge to help with you the complete know how (for example,  Maverick Wealth Wave™ is a site dedicated to helping the little guys to start right, without burning thru the wallet!)

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Article provided by wikiHow, a wiki how-to manual. Please edit this article and find author credits at the original wikiHow article on How to Start an Online Business. All content on wikiHow can be shared under a Creative Commons license.



3 Ways To Fund Your Internet Marketing Business

Maverick Wealth Wave™

Perhaps you are thinking of needing some money about building your major online income. I know I have before. Spending money to get your internet business started and to market it requires some money.

You can make some quick money online fast. However, it will by no means be the kind of income you may be really dreaming about. Still, with these 3 ways, you can get a head start to fund your internet business. And still get to head happily to your local Starbucks store.

The 3 ways you can get started without investing a dime are: writing articles, taking up surveys and posting on forums.

1. Writing articles.

If you are into writing, this is a great way to start. You can start writing articles and get paid for them by top websites from $3 to $40. However, most of the time the bids placed on your articles are usually much less than $10.

Still, if you can churn out several articles a day, it is most definitely a great source of income. And you will be surprised just how easy it can really be.

2. Taking surveys.

For a fraction of your time & little effort, you get paid by survey websites. Why do these websites pay you to complete surveys? Information is power!

Companies want the scoop on their products and services from consumers that they are willing to pay loads of cash. And the top websites out there would pay anywhere from $1 to a possible $100.

Some offer around $0.80 on for their guaranteed surveys. May not be much, however for 30 days, you make almost $30. Considering the little effort, it’s not bad at all. Plus, you still participate in other surveys and still get paid on top of that.

Now, what if writing articles or spending time in front of the computer clicking away survey forms is not really your cuppa joe, there is still one other way.

3. Posting on forums

If you are able to just type in a minimum of 12 words or so each time, you are likely to get paid $0.10. And that’s what top websites pay for just type & clicking away.

12 words for $0.10 is really good money when you consider just how long (or quick) it takes to type & post 12 words. How many posts do you think you are able to post in 1 minute? Or in 1 hour?

Let’s do some simple accounting (not my favorite subject, but for the sake money!) – say you are truly, truly lazy and make only 60 post in 1 hour. That’s $6. What if you spend just 4 hours a day doing that? A nice $24 per day! In a month, you would make a sweet $720.

Enough for you to fund your internet business and still have enough to save for your PS3.

Yes, there are tons of ways to make some money quickly online; however, these are just tried and tested and far more credible. They may not be exactly the massive income approach but it will give you enough cash for a head start.

If you found this article useful, then take at a step-by-step video coaching to build a recession proof™ online business.

Have a blast!

A Not So Fine City after all..

After reading Singapore's PM Lee Hsien Loong's commentary about the rather impossibility of a non-chinese taking the reins of the 2nd most powerful office (first being Mentor Advisor office held by the most powerful man in Singapore history.. scare huh?!) in Asia's Fine City (Singapore's beloved pet name after the number of fines you get for about anything) anytime soon, it is rather apparent Singapore is going down the tubes. Of racial & political grime type.

Hsien Loong states that the win did not mean race was no longer an issue there, he said. He pointed out that after 20 years of Bush and Clinton presidencies, Americans wanted a change.

Perhaps. If there weren't any other possible candidates.

However, many believe that America, though reeling from a rather bad Bush day, were aware of whom they have chosen. At the end of the day, it was not black or white. It was for the future. And Obama, who is not just a fresh of breath air, was the man they needed to raise America.

And many Singaporeans do believe it will change the face of Singapore too. However, Hsien Loong's comments, beneath its rather political correctness exterior, displays an ugly shocking truth, that Singapore being a more refined, sophisticated, educated, global city center, would have it no other way.

He says:But to reach a position where everybody is totally race-blind and religion-blind, I think that’s very difficult. You will not find it in any country in the world.

There is no such thing as a perfect world. However, America, once thrived on racial bondage, now a complete different picture. A non-white man can be the most powerful man on the earth, chosen by the American people.

No, not everyone may be racial or religion blind, but surely America has shown that, in today's modern, educated society, the majority can be.

When you understand Hsien Loong's statement right, it dawns on one that it is rather racist, right from Obama's victory - which incidentally states otherwise, and it seems PAP wants to make sure one thing is clear: No other race would ever, EVER take the top position except that of an ethnic Chinese. They have "handled" every other opposition party, who else do the people vote for? And can a non-Chinese take the party's reins?

Racist enough for you?

Have a blast!

The Spirit movie

Based on Frank Miller's (300, Sin City) graphic novel. About a cop, who died, who was "reborn" as The Spirit, a vigilante soul bent on cleaning out the grime of Central City (where all the action takes place).

Adorned with a good cast such as Eva Mendes, Samuel L. Jackson & Scarlet Johansson.

Out Christmas 2008. Visit The Spirit Movie website or the to read up on The Spirit. And play some games too!


Have a blast!


Just like any other day.. or is it?



Welcome Mr. President!

Shamelessly copied from Obama's community blog site.

Welcome the new 44th President of the United States!





Have a blast!


A Mockery of God's Hand at work in the USA

Many (literally) Christians were & are (since I have read their sentiments) pretty strong against America's new President-Elect Barack Obama.

It is indeed very, very sad to hear how Christians were trying to convince other Christians from voting Obama.

Naysayings all conclude at one thing: electing Obama would mean that America is going down with the rest of the World. They portray Obama as tool or instrument of the enemy to cast American down the big black spiral hole!

Now before you get all riled up.. I am a Christian too. A bible-believing, God fearing, active for the past 21 years, Christian. I believe that God has His purposes and plans.

What? Just because Obama won it means that God was defeated? Are you kidding me? Can all this "prophets" hear themselves?

There was this Sarah Palin's prophecy where she is supposed to be the new Esther. If you have ever read Esther (if you haven't, do take a read), you will discover that Esther feared God. Sarah Palin.. well..

Sarah Palin didn't not apologise for her daughter's immoral acts that lead to her being pregnant. It's apparent that she & her husband, Todd, are ok with it.  This is not right. As Christians, we are imperfect and we do make mistakes, which is why we need to repent. Was Sarah P repentant? Very UNrepentant, if you'd asked me!

A prophecy of God would lead people to walk in His ways, which meant that Sarah Palin would have been told to repent if she ever wanted to be used by God. But the "prophecy" didn't mention such a thing.

A Christian mag even ran an article about how witches are sacrificing for Obama. So if they did the same for McCain, this Christians would probably just call a prayer against the acts of the devil. But in Obama's case, they are praying against Obama!

People will do stupid things, even really crazy things. But just because they do it for you, it doesn't mean that you believe nor condone such things! Or that you are the devil's spawn!

Btw, this same mag's editor runs that blog about Sarah Palin's prophecy.

And there are many more of useless hours spent writing these articles that props themselves to discredit Obama.


November 4th - A day of history!

History was made today. The American people made history by making a statement to history itself and to the world.

Barack Obama made history by becoming the first black 44th President of the United States of America.

The people have spoken about change - and we're not talking about policies. Being a black President precedes all that America had once held before.

There is hope after all for America. The future seems bright with this statement.

Hooray! It worked.

Live Writer worked. This is one of those rare things that does. Like you are chased by a bunch of zombies, you managed to get into the car and lock the doors. You fumble around and in the state of complete whacked out panic, you get the keys into the ignition. And, you turn it on.

Only, it splutters. Kekkk-Kekk-Kekkkk.. And zombies, like the stereotype they are, are slowly arriving at your car. Then they just are. They bang. They growl. They hiss. Sounds like your kids, huh.

Then, after you pledge your life to help really poor farmers in the South of Chile and give everything you had to help your church, the engine starts (please make sure you fulfill those oaths unless you want zombies reappering while you are taking a shower!).

It starts, Oh glory, it starts! How sweet the sound!

Yes, it's like one of those times. Microsoft's the zombie. Live Writer the car. Me, the guy who's watching you act your a**  off trying to convince that you deserve an Oscar, in the theatre with my chips.

Good show, btw. You & Live Writer.


Trying out Windows Live Writer. Again.

Okay, I tried w.bloggar. Twice. No, am serious. I used w.bloggar's Mozilla version (v4.02) and I used the IE version (v4.03). Both, yes both, gave me error with the Title Post. Which means, no permalink.

So, am here with this. Again.

Is this Deja Vu? Is this Deva Vu?

Let's hope this works. Let's hop... aww, you're no fun!



Testing another version of Bloggar

Here goes nothing. w.bloggar, ladies & gents. And does the permalink work?


Posting with w.bloggar v4.02

Check out the new w.bloggar. Works well enough with Blogger. However, I need to check if the permalinks work. Didn't seem like it worked in my last post.

Well, if you want a light, quick blog editor that runs like a app client on your PC without needing online connection, check out w.bloggar.

w.bloggar also comes in a portable version where you can carry it around in your thumbdrive.


The Malay Hulk

Did you hear about a local producer wants to do a similiar version of Hulk? Like the malay folk lore of Badang, the village idiot with brawn but less brain. But because Badang is quite dumb, they want to use Hulk's version since it's not so stupid, just full of rage.

They plan to use CGI and the latest hi-tech stuff.

The movie is scheduled to play early 2010. Since they don't want to use a Malay hero's name & not infringe on copyrights, they plan to pronounce & write the word "Hulk" to "Hak".

The project is rumored to have a few titles, one rather conservative titled was "Ketuanan Hak Melayu" (apparently it is suppose to be "The Malay Hulk Lordship"). It was shot down as too corny. Some speculated that the eventual title would be "Melayu punya Hak!" (The Malays' Hulk).

Whatever the speculations, the project was eventually titled "Kuasa Hak Melayu" (The power of the Malay Hulk). The film is rumored to be "Kuasa Hak Melayu - Tiada Lawan" (The power of the Malay Hulk - Nothing Like it).

The main characters are:
Berus Banyak (Bruce Banner)
Betih Ross Ak (Betty Ross)
Doc Samseng (Doc Samson) - rumors has it that a very former prominent MP was given this rather Semi Value role. Toll-ywood in the making.

Villains in the movie:
Doc MasterMind (or Doc M) - Another new character, apparently the mastermind behind all the racketeering. Something like Dr. No in James Bond.
Kei Jay - A suave villain with charm. Want to take over the underworld.

They are looking for cast to audition for the role.

Pretty Interesting storyline. Once I get the scoop on this, Slickdrums will dish out double dose for you!

Stay tuned!