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Check out vids on Walfredo Reyes Jr endorsing Sabian cymbals. Really cool!


Have a blast!


It had been a tough year. Like riding a rogue wave without any safety nets. However, i had some time to reflect and get closer to God, my best friend. And time to get some healing done... on myself.

I have been pretty bad with bloggin' and all. But today, I decided to put some thots of mine to begin a GREAT 2007 for me and many others!

Best thots are often sweet ones. And first one to hit my gastronomical delight is my friend's little part-time business. She's a single mom with a sweet lil prince of her own. And the delight is cup-cakes & cakes.

She bakes as per order. Man, seeing those beautiful cup-cakes truly, madly, deeply caused me to salivate.

eat me, eat me!!


No clowning around, it's all smiles for the sweet tooth!


Hey, come on, help out a friend and find out why they are legendary delights. Visit her blog at

You ain't gonna regret it, buds!


Sweet! (literally!)