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Testing Using Microsoft Live Writer

Seems pretty cool. So far, have only tried using w.bloggar. You can check it out at Windows Write Zone.

Pretty cool looking GUI.

 Will try to see if these can write & post better than w.bloggar.

It may be slightly heavier than w.bloggar. W.Bloggar seems extremely light when it starts up.

Anyway, let's see what a few days will uncover.. buah hah hah ...

peace, dude & dudettes!

A great hiatus!

Wow, it's been like too long since I blogged.

A fantastic hiatus. Loved every minute of it. Especially when not blogging.

Spent some time to discover God, and His plans for me. Was awesome. Am just amazed at His love & care for me.

Plus, also realised that this business IS from Him, solely for HIs purpose to take care of my family, the church & the community. And the community is everyone, anyone, who is in need. It's all about Bangsa Malaysia. Malay, Chinese, Indian, East Malaysians - we are all Malaysians! So to help the community is part of the great vision.

I am having a blast!