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The Millionaire Vision

Of course, besides my mission to raise Christian Millionaires, my call is to anyone who wants to be a millionaire.

With a difference. I would want to help anyone who desires to be a millionaire IF they are willing to help others.

The key to the program is willingness to give the "lifeboat" to help others. There must a willingness to do such. Most people expect instant cash or a quick buck. There's no such thing. Easy come, easy.. GO!

The program is where we work as a team to help each other.

No high risk money involvement. This is not about dumping cash into some obscure internet thingy. This is about people, about smart concepts. It's about leveraging exactly what we have always been doing yet not gaining out of it. Rather we are giving it away for others to milk our money. Every month!

Let's help each other where you and I can rise up as Millionaires. First and foremost, to give our families a better life.

Have a blast!


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