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A shameful system!

"I am so ashamed of a system that spits you out at an age where you are full of wisdom and rich in experience. This is where most of you are at - a job system. It's time to walk out of the land of DYING to the land the LIVING." - Beth Bell, Millionaire business owner.

Most people don't have a job. They have a job that belonged to a company. It's not yours to begin with. What makes you think you will ever keep it?

In one prominent paper recently, there was an article that had a comment that went like this: "As long as we are employees, we are simply expendable pawns. There is no loyalty from the company when it comes to cutbacks."

In that same article, it mentions that "as long as you are working more than 55- or 60-hours a week, you will not make it as a parent."

WE are in a shameful system that drives us to put in 40++ mins to drive to work (another 40++ min back), 40-50hours (or more) per week effort, 40years of professional slavery before a nice watch.

How about 15 mins a day for the next 2 months to buy back your freedom beginning in your 4th month? Well, if it's legal, ethical and honest (a far cry from that shameful system called a job), what's there to lose just to check it out?

Email me if you are keen to know more. Perhaps we can do tea. I love tea.



May 2, 2006, 12:53:00 PM Anonymous said...

Yeah, you are right in some point...

May 5, 2006, 10:13:00 PM Slickdrums said...

Greetings Angel, let me tell you from a person who has been slogging away for the past 14 years, I think I can safely say I am right at all the points. Not that I am great or anything, just fed up. That's why I chose to drink a cup of tea that may not necessarily be to my taste, rather than drinking my boss's cup that contains his spit as well!

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