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More on Da Vinci Cod [pun intended]

I just bought a fanstastical book that sought to shed factual historical facts on what Dan Brown claims to be accurate.

The books, written ala Dan Brown - meaning using fictional characters to potray light on facts, touches on questions people would have after reading the book or watching the movie. The best of it all is that, unlike Dan Brown who threw a fact page (which is more fictional than anything else), this books contains actual detailed bibliographies.

This book touches on:
Details on Priory of Sion
The Bible - ordered by Constantine or true revelation?
The Divinity of Jesus - was this a political agenda by Constantine?
Christian symbols or history - taken from pagan worship as claimed by novel?
Is Mona Lisa an anagram of Amon L'Isa?
Was Leonardo Da Vince a guardian to the world's best kept secret?
Is there such a thing as sacred feminity within the Christian history?

- and much much more!

Great stuff! If you want to search the facts behind Dan Brown's con game, pursue actual historical facts. The books is called " The Da Vinci Code: A Quest for Answers" by Josh McDowell. Available in MPH bookstores. Only RM15!



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