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How much do we need to be financially free?

I agree that today our EPF can't even support us in our desperate times of need.

People need to understand this:

- Cost of living has escalated and is continuing to escalate.
- What you earn today is in no way corresponding to the CoL.
- Retiring at 55 or 60 yrs is a sad option because your EPF can't support you nor can you trust investment through Shares or UTrust to guarantee an amount.

Don't take your payslip or your current investments for granted that it would be able to support you. Just as Jey mentioned, do the math. It came out in The Star last year that to be able to make RM3,000 per month in 10 years with UT, you need to invest about RM2mil. I believe the figure's gone up now.

If you are able to enjoy LIFE without worry about maintaining your lifestyle (even in the midst of recession or inflation) and have all the time to do what's BEST for you - would you grab it?

It can be in 2 years to 5 years depending on your value of TIME.

If you would like to achieve that (having the luxury of TIME) through simple method of capitalising a minimal amount to give you superb returns as much as an income for a manager, within 4-6 months, then email me.



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