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What it means to retire YOUNG AND RICH!

Greetings friends,

When do you plan to start living your life? Come on, it's time to start YOUR life. Not your boss's or even your company's.

When your job or your company is out of the equation, can you continue sustaining your life? Why sustain when you can live it all up EVEN without a job or even if you choose to stop working from your business?

"As I drove out of the mountains the second half of my life had begun. It was no longer a life dictated to by the wishes and dreams of my parents, teachers, or friends, or the dreams of a child. The second half of my life had begun and this time it was to be my life on my terms.

And that is the main reason I recommend retiring as young as possible. It will give youi a chance to start your life over."

- Robert T. Kiyosaki,Retiring Young, Retiring Rich.

Take a moment and reflect on 5 things that are truly, truly important to you besides God on the all time number 1 -

Retiring young and rich doesn't mean that you become lifeless. Like Robert said in his book, it is truly the beginning of the second half of your life - you can decide to write that chapter!

If you are keen, then email me. I would love to chat with you to share how we both can team up to achieve our second half!

Have a blast!

Prices hike, inflation setting in, something's gotta give..

Petrol gone up 0.30cts.

Koay Teow up another 0.30cts.

Lifestyle down 50%.

Pay stays the same.

Bills stack up.

If you are gonna stay working for another person's idea of life, then why not make it yours?
Because if you don't, when inflation hits, you find it too late the cave crumbles in.

Have a blast!