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Didn't know that there was a blog on quitting the smoke.

Check it out here if you haven't glanced it at PPS yet -

Just to add to my earlier post - for smokers who take the initiative and pain to be rid of the addiction, then it speaks great volumes of your strength and determination!

Have a blast!

Unsuccessful parenting sets unsuccessful example

I have been meaning to share this for a while and most of the time, I get sidetracked into other stuff. But today, today I will want to share this.

Whenever I have my breakfast in the morning from 7am, I noticed that a number of secondary school students, from SMKDJ, having breakfast at that hour.

Now, normally this would be no shocker. However, what shocks me is that these young people are SMOKING! Young teenage boys and girls in uniforms SMOKING! Appalling!

I find smoking disgusting and that it speaks a large volume of that person's values and attitude towards life. Unfortunately, I don't have high regard for people who smoke. Most of them indignantly potray smoking as macho, cool or as part of the "in" crowd, but only to hide the fact that they are no different than a drug addict. Sad.

When youngs kids start to smoke, it sure show a HELL A LOT ABOUT PARENTING! There's only so much we can do about the bad apples in schools that our children face everyday. There is MORE we CAN do in teaching the right values & being the right example to them so they won't be influenced. Most parents think that going to 1U on a Sat is already fulfilling their duties.

Teachers too ought to also potray the right example. They shouldn't be smoking. Schools should make it strict regulation when hiring teachers. And personally, I feel that schools should impose sacking from schools when they are caught smoking.

When the block is bad, so is the chip.

Have a blast (and save our kids!)

Furore just gets worse..

I, for one, am against the printing of the caricature of the Prophet Muhammad in the Danish newspaper. And I truly believe that we ought to respect everyone's faith.

Freedom of speech doesn't mean you have the right to demean the faith of others. And personally, I think the Danish Govt ought to post apologies to the muslims. What I don't understand is why they choose to place the right to free speech over national and international harmony? What benefit can that give? In fact, because of that really idiotic stance, the world is thrown into chaos.

Now, what's as intriguing is the fact that Syria & Iran, clearly agitated by Condoleezza Rice's suggestion that they are inciting the furore, has blamed the Jews as the masterminds behind the protests. That is beyond me.

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