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FORD closing 14 plants, laying people off!

Read it in The Star this morning.

FORD is closing 14 plants which results in lost of job for 30,000 people.

People with families. People with living needs. People who have debts to pay off. People who are supporting their parents or siblings.

When you have income generated to every month continously whether you are working for it or not, which happens after you spent 3 months working smart, you needn't worry if they are going to lay you off.

If you happen to be one of the 30,000, 29,999 will be very depressed. You would be smiling. You made a decision - for yours and your loved ones future.

Just when you think, "It ain't gonna happen to me. I am with FORD. A big company, big money - my future's secured!", BANG! It hits you!

I just heard that inflation is just around the corner. When it comes down to it, like it or not, we need money to survive. So, be smart. Make it work for you - continously!

Ain't that a blast!


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