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Happy Chinese New Year!

To all my wonderful Chinese friends, my wife and her family (they're Chinese), Blog readers and to all Malaysians! -

(Ang Pow can direct debit into my bank ah?)

This is truly a Malaysian festival, not so much a Chinese festival. Our culture is a great big harmonised tune of all races.
Let's truly celebrate this festival and holidays ala Malaysian!

Have a blast!

FORD closing 14 plants, laying people off!

Read it in The Star this morning.

FORD is closing 14 plants which results in lost of job for 30,000 people.

People with families. People with living needs. People who have debts to pay off. People who are supporting their parents or siblings.

When you have income generated to every month continously whether you are working for it or not, which happens after you spent 3 months working smart, you needn't worry if they are going to lay you off.

If you happen to be one of the 30,000, 29,999 will be very depressed. You would be smiling. You made a decision - for yours and your loved ones future.

Just when you think, "It ain't gonna happen to me. I am with FORD. A big company, big money - my future's secured!", BANG! It hits you!

I just heard that inflation is just around the corner. When it comes down to it, like it or not, we need money to survive. So, be smart. Make it work for you - continously!

Ain't that a blast!

The Christian taboo of achieving TIME & MONEY!

Let me set this straight, in my past blog, I was writing about achieving TIME & MONEY. I was saying that we could do more for others and for our churches. Do more. I didn't say it was the only way to serve God nor did I ever imply we should obey God when we achieve it. And I didn't state by having time and money it would please God or it would bring anyone closer to God. Please re-read my post.

I am still perplexed by soem Christians who, without thinking, jump into conclusions. Without finding out facts, they make conclusions based on what I call fallacies. The moment TIME & MONEY is mentioned, they get into this hypocritical state of debate. What a fallacy they believe in! If people choose to misinterpret what I wrote, then I seriously doubt their mental prowess.

And when one suggests a vehicle to break free, some Christians get freaked out. Why a lot of good, faithful Christians do extra than their work is because they find their work not being able to provide opportunity to be with their family as much as they want to, as well to give a whole lot towards better causes. And it is short-term where YOUR TIME FOR GOD will not be affected (I have been serving consistenly and have been very involved in church ministry). Then again, being in business is also TIME for God. It is also ministry!

Worst still, some people suggest that we ought to make less money in order to have less work so that we can more time for God. A fallacy fit only for the mentally challenged. Time for God is serving Him wherever we are. So our business and jobs are ministries too! There's no harm is making money as long as our motives and agendas are right before God. What right has any Christian to judge someone that they will fall away?

This past month I have met fervent Christians who saw what I was offering and realised that their misperceptions were really MISplaced. They realise that, just like work, you can't judge a business based on hearsays or even past experiences with another business. If we had that thought philosophy then we probably would be hermits (and still complain about other cave hermits).

The bible does say that we are to be givers to the nations, not borrowers. And God does say we are not to have debts. I personally think God wouldn't mind if His people became free from the clutches of the world system. Especially when the business is principle-oriented and focuses on serving others first. And when associates give God the glory first. If the focus of this business is to acquire time for the intangible values, rather than the tangibles, why not?

If you had back 8 hours of your life, what could you do? And if you could make more money without compromising your faith or time in service to God, what could you do? And if you could all this, the question is why not?

If people actually read my post, they would have realised I was talking about serving others more especially having more time for our family. For it is our very most important ministry. I personally believe in giving the best to my family. More money would mean to bless my mom by making her dreams come true. It also means that I can do a whole lot more. It's LOGICAL! Hello!!!

The whole point of this is, whats' the harm is checking out information? Hey, if it doesn't make sense, so be it! I respect the informed skeptic than the uninformed!

Have a blast