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Testing Using Microsoft Live Writer

Seems pretty cool. So far, have only tried using w.bloggar. You can check it out at Windows Write Zone.

Pretty cool looking GUI.

 Will try to see if these can write & post better than w.bloggar.

It may be slightly heavier than w.bloggar. W.Bloggar seems extremely light when it starts up.

Anyway, let's see what a few days will uncover.. buah hah hah ...

peace, dude & dudettes!

A great hiatus!

Wow, it's been like too long since I blogged.

A fantastic hiatus. Loved every minute of it. Especially when not blogging.

Spent some time to discover God, and His plans for me. Was awesome. Am just amazed at His love & care for me.

Plus, also realised that this business IS from Him, solely for HIs purpose to take care of my family, the church & the community. And the community is everyone, anyone, who is in need. It's all about Bangsa Malaysia. Malay, Chinese, Indian, East Malaysians - we are all Malaysians! So to help the community is part of the great vision.

I am having a blast!


The Roberto Carlos buyout

Check out how Roberto Carlos gave away the game to France.

Was he on the take? Was he holding onto position just like a good player he is?

My 2 cts worth - the old man was on the take. Which stoopid player would wait there like a duh and allow a target striker to enter and attack?

I am a Brazil fan, but I feel that the coach and some (not all) player were on the take. They weren't emotional when they lost. Remember that?


Never lose Hope

"If you lose hope, somehow you lose vitality that keeps life moving, you lose tha courage to be, that quality that helps you go on in spite of it all. And so today, I still have a dream"

- Thetrumpet of Conscience, Martin Luther King Jr

So do I. Many will falter and waver. Many will mock and criticize. Just like men of greatness, I will pursue my dream. A mission to raise Millionaires with a cause - a HEART cause to make a positive impact into this degraded community. To bring back.. HOPE!

Join me!


The Millionaire Vision

Of course, besides my mission to raise Christian Millionaires, my call is to anyone who wants to be a millionaire.

With a difference. I would want to help anyone who desires to be a millionaire IF they are willing to help others.

The key to the program is willingness to give the "lifeboat" to help others. There must a willingness to do such. Most people expect instant cash or a quick buck. There's no such thing. Easy come, easy.. GO!

The program is where we work as a team to help each other.

No high risk money involvement. This is not about dumping cash into some obscure internet thingy. This is about people, about smart concepts. It's about leveraging exactly what we have always been doing yet not gaining out of it. Rather we are giving it away for others to milk our money. Every month!

Let's help each other where you and I can rise up as Millionaires. First and foremost, to give our families a better life.

Have a blast!

On a mission to raise Christian Millionaires

I have decided to go on a mission to raise up Christian Millionaires through my business program.

After much prayer, I was impressed that there was real need for a business that is also a marketplace ministry for Christians. A place for hands on application of biblical principles where a person is able to immediately relate.

I know there are lots of really great Marketplace Ministries out there. Yet none I know are catered for people to participate in business together. With this business program (that I am in), it is where Christian can participate so long they are above 18. No skill, education or experience necessary. Most importantly, the efforts of the business is about living out the biblical principles.

Thru this program, a Christian, who wants to be a millionaire for Christ, would be able to learn principles from the bible that are necessary for his/her business and at the same time, necessary for holistic spiritual health that is extended to their other ministries. The purpose of this is to raise Christian Millionaires who have the right perspective and mindset to build their lives in God and for God. To channel their time and resources for the expansion of His Kingdom.

There is no other business that I have seen and come across with that provides such wholesome mentorship and business practise. And this is the only business that combines marketplace ministry that gives us Christians an opportunity to make a difference.

This call is ONLY for Christians with a heart to be a Millionaire for Christ. This is not about flashy BMWs or 4-storey buildings or exotic vacations (nothing wrong with those, just that it is not the motive or agenda), rather this is about pulling our resources & time together to build His kingdom in these last days!!

Have a blast!

More on Da Vinci Cod [pun intended]

I just bought a fanstastical book that sought to shed factual historical facts on what Dan Brown claims to be accurate.

The books, written ala Dan Brown - meaning using fictional characters to potray light on facts, touches on questions people would have after reading the book or watching the movie. The best of it all is that, unlike Dan Brown who threw a fact page (which is more fictional than anything else), this books contains actual detailed bibliographies.

This book touches on:
Details on Priory of Sion
The Bible - ordered by Constantine or true revelation?
The Divinity of Jesus - was this a political agenda by Constantine?
Christian symbols or history - taken from pagan worship as claimed by novel?
Is Mona Lisa an anagram of Amon L'Isa?
Was Leonardo Da Vince a guardian to the world's best kept secret?
Is there such a thing as sacred feminity within the Christian history?

- and much much more!

Great stuff! If you want to search the facts behind Dan Brown's con game, pursue actual historical facts. The books is called " The Da Vinci Code: A Quest for Answers" by Josh McDowell. Available in MPH bookstores. Only RM15!


DA conVINCIng Code

A Con game. The grandest of all. By a small timer who struck luck, as it seems.

The greatest cover-up of mankind is apparently is purely of fictional source. Wrapped up in saucy-ness to elevate controversy.

For what? Purely profits. Nothing more.

The greatest convincing con ever made is the latest hoo-haa novel made into film, The Da Vinci Code. Funny enough, if you had ever read the book, it is hardly certain that Dan Brown is capable of any intelligent or near genius writing. If you had the book and compared it to other accomplished authors, you will find strangely that this book, highly acclaimed by critics to be the best mystery/thriller book, is pretty flat.

I do love novels - whether controversial or not. But I love novels written with quality and character. I found Dan Brown's work pretty shoddy and messy. Towards the end, I felt a little bored. It's as though there weren't enough ideas left, so he just carried on bugging.

But the best part of it all is how he elevated himself from nobody to somebody. Controversy.

In his book, he states in the fact page that the documents, archives, places, societies did exist. Of course, he DID NOT claim that the theory was true. Nevertheless, on national TV in US, he did agree that he believed in the theory. He claims to be Christian, I believe he's a fraud - just as the facts stated in book and in his website are (

In his website, Dan Brown states as fact:

A prankster and genius, Leonardo da Vinci is widely believed to have hidden secret messages within much of his artwork. Most scholars agree that even Da Vinci's most famous pieces—works like The Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and Madonna of the Rocks—contain startling anomalies that all seem to be whispering the same cryptic message…a message that hints at a shocking historical secret which allegedly has been guarded since 1099 by a European secret society known as the Priory of Sion. In 1975, Paris's Bibliothèque Nationale discovered parchments known as Les Dossiers Secrets, identifying numerous members of the Priory of Sion, including Sir Isaac Newton, Victor Hugo, Botticelli, and Leonardo da Vinci. French President, Francois Mitterrand, is rumored to have been a member, although there exists no proof of this.

Now this is part of either Dan Brown's fraud, marketing gimmick, or simply lousy research skills - Priory of Sion on existed in 1956! So how could Leonardo Da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton or the rest be part of it?

What is the Priory of Sion?
The original Priory of Sion was founded in 1956 as a social group of friends by two people – André Bonhomme and Pierre Plantard. The outline of the story can be found here.

André Bonhomme definitely existed – I have spoken to him myself – as have many other researchers – and he has constantly confirmed that the original Priory of Sion had nothing to do with Bérenger Saunière, Rennes-le-Château, politics or secret societes – the story goes that one day, when someone commented on the bad state of the lodgings – it was decided to form a society devoted to the cause of Low-Cost Housing: and so the Priory of Sion was created! It was actually named after the hill of Mont Sion located outside the town of St-Julien-en-Genevoise. They produced an amateur journal called "Circuit" devoted to the cause of Low-Cost Housing, that simply comprised of A4 pages stapled together, and containing a crude text that was both stencilled and printed. The first issue can be found here.
That the Priory of Sion did not exist before 1956 can easily be proved. Its 1956 Registration Documents and 1956 Statutes, deposited in the Police Station at St Julien-en-Genevois, can be found here.

- click here to go the website with interesting FACTS on the actual Priory of Sion! One of the founders, Pierre Plantard, had a shady past and was convicted on many counts, including fraud for claiming nobility!

Here, we see Dan Brown's claim to being an art & history student and conducting extensive research is nothing but a grade "F"!

Dan Brown's claim that The Last Supper had Mary drawn on Jesus's right and not John as it was originally thought to be, since it was a feminine figure. Well, if Dan Brown had done enough research, there were more than one "feminine" figures in the last supper art work. If Dan Brown had understood art better, Leornardo DaVinci was a Renaissance artist - which means, innoncence of male youth was conveyed on canvas by feminine looks - as can be seen by other DaVinci's works.

Controversy? I think not. Just a genius marketing ploy to rake in the millions. Great writing? Hardly. Extensive Research? Looks like an 8 Grader who didn't want to do much work and just Googled some stuff to get controversial content.


A shameful system!

"I am so ashamed of a system that spits you out at an age where you are full of wisdom and rich in experience. This is where most of you are at - a job system. It's time to walk out of the land of DYING to the land the LIVING." - Beth Bell, Millionaire business owner.

Most people don't have a job. They have a job that belonged to a company. It's not yours to begin with. What makes you think you will ever keep it?

In one prominent paper recently, there was an article that had a comment that went like this: "As long as we are employees, we are simply expendable pawns. There is no loyalty from the company when it comes to cutbacks."

In that same article, it mentions that "as long as you are working more than 55- or 60-hours a week, you will not make it as a parent."

WE are in a shameful system that drives us to put in 40++ mins to drive to work (another 40++ min back), 40-50hours (or more) per week effort, 40years of professional slavery before a nice watch.

How about 15 mins a day for the next 2 months to buy back your freedom beginning in your 4th month? Well, if it's legal, ethical and honest (a far cry from that shameful system called a job), what's there to lose just to check it out?

Email me if you are keen to know more. Perhaps we can do tea. I love tea.


How much do we need to be financially free?

I agree that today our EPF can't even support us in our desperate times of need.

People need to understand this:

- Cost of living has escalated and is continuing to escalate.
- What you earn today is in no way corresponding to the CoL.
- Retiring at 55 or 60 yrs is a sad option because your EPF can't support you nor can you trust investment through Shares or UTrust to guarantee an amount.

Don't take your payslip or your current investments for granted that it would be able to support you. Just as Jey mentioned, do the math. It came out in The Star last year that to be able to make RM3,000 per month in 10 years with UT, you need to invest about RM2mil. I believe the figure's gone up now.

If you are able to enjoy LIFE without worry about maintaining your lifestyle (even in the midst of recession or inflation) and have all the time to do what's BEST for you - would you grab it?

It can be in 2 years to 5 years depending on your value of TIME.

If you would like to achieve that (having the luxury of TIME) through simple method of capitalising a minimal amount to give you superb returns as much as an income for a manager, within 4-6 months, then email me.


Forget Money Falling From the Sky - ain't gonna happen!

Guys and gals,

The truth about making money - it does require effort.

A lot of Ads and websites offer INSTANT answers or INSTANT money but with one thing - they first require YOUR money!

Some of my friends have tried HYIPs (High Yielding Interest Programs) and some "Internet Investment" program with the hope that they can rich ASAP!

I am Indian and although I don't live in India where the cows roam freely, I still can smell bull a Kilometer away!

Let me tell you - with this kind of program, your greed is fed. And when that happens, you lose all sense of logic and common sense.

Worst of all, if you deal with people to help you invest in these programs, these people have greed on their minds - well, at least most of them. And they aren't governed by the right values and ethics.

Please let me put this straight - No such thing as NO WORK, GOT MONEY.

With proper & credible income programs, you need to do some level of activity. You can either do hard-core all-night out sales work - which is honest and good. This is selling. You probably need to acquire the skill or preferably have that kind of forte.

And the other, a very good news, is that you can spend little time (as little as 15-20 mins/day) doing smart effort by leveraging simple ideas that doesn't require you to be a salesman. This works extremely well!

The choice is yours definitely. You can be greedy and end up gambling your life away OR make residual income through smart effort.

Get to know how. Email me if you want to.


What it means to retire YOUNG AND RICH!

Greetings friends,

When do you plan to start living your life? Come on, it's time to start YOUR life. Not your boss's or even your company's.

When your job or your company is out of the equation, can you continue sustaining your life? Why sustain when you can live it all up EVEN without a job or even if you choose to stop working from your business?

"As I drove out of the mountains the second half of my life had begun. It was no longer a life dictated to by the wishes and dreams of my parents, teachers, or friends, or the dreams of a child. The second half of my life had begun and this time it was to be my life on my terms.

And that is the main reason I recommend retiring as young as possible. It will give youi a chance to start your life over."

- Robert T. Kiyosaki,Retiring Young, Retiring Rich.

Take a moment and reflect on 5 things that are truly, truly important to you besides God on the all time number 1 -

Retiring young and rich doesn't mean that you become lifeless. Like Robert said in his book, it is truly the beginning of the second half of your life - you can decide to write that chapter!

If you are keen, then email me. I would love to chat with you to share how we both can team up to achieve our second half!

Have a blast!

Prices hike, inflation setting in, something's gotta give..

Petrol gone up 0.30cts.

Koay Teow up another 0.30cts.

Lifestyle down 50%.

Pay stays the same.

Bills stack up.

If you are gonna stay working for another person's idea of life, then why not make it yours?
Because if you don't, when inflation hits, you find it too late the cave crumbles in.

Have a blast!

Whaddaya know..

Didn't know that there was a blog on quitting the smoke.

Check it out here if you haven't glanced it at PPS yet -

Just to add to my earlier post - for smokers who take the initiative and pain to be rid of the addiction, then it speaks great volumes of your strength and determination!

Have a blast!

Unsuccessful parenting sets unsuccessful example

I have been meaning to share this for a while and most of the time, I get sidetracked into other stuff. But today, today I will want to share this.

Whenever I have my breakfast in the morning from 7am, I noticed that a number of secondary school students, from SMKDJ, having breakfast at that hour.

Now, normally this would be no shocker. However, what shocks me is that these young people are SMOKING! Young teenage boys and girls in uniforms SMOKING! Appalling!

I find smoking disgusting and that it speaks a large volume of that person's values and attitude towards life. Unfortunately, I don't have high regard for people who smoke. Most of them indignantly potray smoking as macho, cool or as part of the "in" crowd, but only to hide the fact that they are no different than a drug addict. Sad.

When youngs kids start to smoke, it sure show a HELL A LOT ABOUT PARENTING! There's only so much we can do about the bad apples in schools that our children face everyday. There is MORE we CAN do in teaching the right values & being the right example to them so they won't be influenced. Most parents think that going to 1U on a Sat is already fulfilling their duties.

Teachers too ought to also potray the right example. They shouldn't be smoking. Schools should make it strict regulation when hiring teachers. And personally, I feel that schools should impose sacking from schools when they are caught smoking.

When the block is bad, so is the chip.

Have a blast (and save our kids!)

Furore just gets worse..

I, for one, am against the printing of the caricature of the Prophet Muhammad in the Danish newspaper. And I truly believe that we ought to respect everyone's faith.

Freedom of speech doesn't mean you have the right to demean the faith of others. And personally, I think the Danish Govt ought to post apologies to the muslims. What I don't understand is why they choose to place the right to free speech over national and international harmony? What benefit can that give? In fact, because of that really idiotic stance, the world is thrown into chaos.

Now, what's as intriguing is the fact that Syria & Iran, clearly agitated by Condoleezza Rice's suggestion that they are inciting the furore, has blamed the Jews as the masterminds behind the protests. That is beyond me.

Have a blast!

Happy Chinese New Year!

To all my wonderful Chinese friends, my wife and her family (they're Chinese), Blog readers and to all Malaysians! -

(Ang Pow can direct debit into my bank ah?)

This is truly a Malaysian festival, not so much a Chinese festival. Our culture is a great big harmonised tune of all races.
Let's truly celebrate this festival and holidays ala Malaysian!

Have a blast!

FORD closing 14 plants, laying people off!

Read it in The Star this morning.

FORD is closing 14 plants which results in lost of job for 30,000 people.

People with families. People with living needs. People who have debts to pay off. People who are supporting their parents or siblings.

When you have income generated to every month continously whether you are working for it or not, which happens after you spent 3 months working smart, you needn't worry if they are going to lay you off.

If you happen to be one of the 30,000, 29,999 will be very depressed. You would be smiling. You made a decision - for yours and your loved ones future.

Just when you think, "It ain't gonna happen to me. I am with FORD. A big company, big money - my future's secured!", BANG! It hits you!

I just heard that inflation is just around the corner. When it comes down to it, like it or not, we need money to survive. So, be smart. Make it work for you - continously!

Ain't that a blast!

The Christian taboo of achieving TIME & MONEY!

Let me set this straight, in my past blog, I was writing about achieving TIME & MONEY. I was saying that we could do more for others and for our churches. Do more. I didn't say it was the only way to serve God nor did I ever imply we should obey God when we achieve it. And I didn't state by having time and money it would please God or it would bring anyone closer to God. Please re-read my post.

I am still perplexed by soem Christians who, without thinking, jump into conclusions. Without finding out facts, they make conclusions based on what I call fallacies. The moment TIME & MONEY is mentioned, they get into this hypocritical state of debate. What a fallacy they believe in! If people choose to misinterpret what I wrote, then I seriously doubt their mental prowess.

And when one suggests a vehicle to break free, some Christians get freaked out. Why a lot of good, faithful Christians do extra than their work is because they find their work not being able to provide opportunity to be with their family as much as they want to, as well to give a whole lot towards better causes. And it is short-term where YOUR TIME FOR GOD will not be affected (I have been serving consistenly and have been very involved in church ministry). Then again, being in business is also TIME for God. It is also ministry!

Worst still, some people suggest that we ought to make less money in order to have less work so that we can more time for God. A fallacy fit only for the mentally challenged. Time for God is serving Him wherever we are. So our business and jobs are ministries too! There's no harm is making money as long as our motives and agendas are right before God. What right has any Christian to judge someone that they will fall away?

This past month I have met fervent Christians who saw what I was offering and realised that their misperceptions were really MISplaced. They realise that, just like work, you can't judge a business based on hearsays or even past experiences with another business. If we had that thought philosophy then we probably would be hermits (and still complain about other cave hermits).

The bible does say that we are to be givers to the nations, not borrowers. And God does say we are not to have debts. I personally think God wouldn't mind if His people became free from the clutches of the world system. Especially when the business is principle-oriented and focuses on serving others first. And when associates give God the glory first. If the focus of this business is to acquire time for the intangible values, rather than the tangibles, why not?

If you had back 8 hours of your life, what could you do? And if you could make more money without compromising your faith or time in service to God, what could you do? And if you could all this, the question is why not?

If people actually read my post, they would have realised I was talking about serving others more especially having more time for our family. For it is our very most important ministry. I personally believe in giving the best to my family. More money would mean to bless my mom by making her dreams come true. It also means that I can do a whole lot more. It's LOGICAL! Hello!!!

The whole point of this is, whats' the harm is checking out information? Hey, if it doesn't make sense, so be it! I respect the informed skeptic than the uninformed!

Have a blast