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I am still very suprised by the complex human behavior.

People tend to be very confused by simple things. That's where we are today. The world we live in constantly weaves into our minds a whole of complexed gibberish thus making us unable to understand simple truths.

A number of my friends were very perplexed by a question I asked. "Do you want more time and money?". It seems very foreign, yet desirable but somehow hindered by their own fallacies.

They would answer with great enthusiasm, "EVERYONE wants to have more time and lots of money! Who doesn't?". I would love to answer them now, "It you. You don't seem to grasp the value of TIME nor how more money can help you help others."

Suprisingly, a lot of doubt comes from the Christian quarter. I am a Christian too. Hoping they would grasp the truth of escaping the clutches of the wordly system by having control of our own lives and having money serve us, as opposed to what most Christians are in today - sucked into a world system that demands more and more of their time AND makes them chase the Ringgit bill, they turn saying, "I don't think I can. Am very busy with ministry". And doesn't ministry require money to run? If your boss required you to put in another 1 hour for an important job, would you say, "I don't think I can. Am very busy with ministry". If you want to be consistent, then be one.

This really astounds me. What is a better ministry than that to your own family? Wasn't the letter clear that our family is very first ministry? Now, what's more frustrating is that most Christians are selfish. My offer, to have money and time, is only achieved when we help and serve others to do the same. What can a better ministry than that of helping others to find hope for their families?

What's worse - can you be any freer tomorrow or 2 years down the road? Why not do something now that only requires 30 min a day?

The fact that most Christians say, "I find my work gratifying and have fulfillment.", simply states that they have utterly failed the simple truth that our families are THE most important asset. Coming home from a gruelling 8 hours of work to spend the extra 1 or 2 with the children or spouse, or only looking forward to weekends IS NOT LIVING the GODLY truth!

Oh, what about the Christian who says, "My work is my ministry". To this, maturity and understanding fails to grasp the poor person. If they cannot see beyond helping others in a real practical way, how then can they really help others through their work or other ministry? In my mind, I simply go, "You have got to be kidding me!". The best way to touch lives to touch them practically while we minister to them spiritually! Oh, how many people are crying out to break free from the job frustration!

The funny thing is how Christians pray very hard for leave when they need to go for retreats or camps. This is from the same people whose work is their ministry. Comedians.

Now, if someone wants to continue working, hey, that's great (although why give away the best hours of life to another man?), however, what if we could work together to contribute financially towards the church and the community?

Friends, get real. Sometimes, we need to understand the bigger picture. The real dilemma. How many of us can give very big generous amounts monthly to support the church building or the Pastoral team? How of us understand our Pastors and fulltime workers deserve incomes far greater than that of those in managerial position in the world?

Yet, your answers seems to say, "Who cares?".

Besides Christians, many of my friends who are not christians do not seem to grasp the fact that they CAN break the binds that ties them to the job. You love your job but does your job love you?

I have said this many times before - all the achievements, fulfillments, accolades, pats on the back, promotions is all about - better income. If that is taken away, bitterness reigns. We move on. Suddenly, our so-called ministry or our so-called place of fulfillment doesn't cut it anymore!

When you realise your time and money is controlled by another, then realise you are bound. I challenge everyone to break free and build towards a community of FREE people who can share and teach the values of God, Family, Hope, Reward and Friendship!

Have a blast!


Dec 26, 2005, 6:38:00 PM Anonymous said...

"EVERYONE wants to have more time and lots of money! Who doesn't?".

Sounds true doesn't it. But, is it? The problem is most people are trained to answer that way. They forget one little detail "What will it cost?"

Unfortunately you have brought Christian thought into the equation and I am compelled to answer.

There is no scripture that says you should be rich or more free or that God appreciates the amount of time or money you put into ministry. God only appreciates one thing and that is we obey (time & money) when he has need of us.(and NOT obey when we have the time and the money.)Such obedience has no cost and of little value to God.

God does not need anyones money, time or services. We have a choice to acquire more money and time, but it in no way draws us closer to God or God closer to us.

In fact there is another equally valid equation. "Less money means less work. Less work means more time to serve God."

Problem is most prefer the other equation : "More money means more time to serve God".

Accept in exceptional cases they spend so much time trying to reach the "Freedom" of money that they lose the "Freedom" of serving God.This is why they are sucked into the world system. Not because they do not have enough money!

I often say a Christian who has no time is a "useless" Christian. If what you say is true, how many rich Christian men do you know who actually have free time?

Consider the parable of the wedding banquet. All who refused had just acquired something...

You have very serious flaws in your theology of wealth. It just does not hold water in a Christian context.

Dec 28, 2005, 10:34:00 AM Anonymous said...

Dear Ravi K,

You're right. God does not need anyone's time or money or service. But, boy, the pastor of your church sure would appreciate all of the above.

As for the equation : "Less money means less work. Less work means more time to serve God" ..... I guess to honour that equation, we should say 'No' to salary increments and bonuses.


Irene T.

Dec 28, 2005, 4:14:00 PM Slickdrums said...

Well, Ravi K, the only thing that is flawed here is your complete gross miscontrued perception of what I wrote.

Whatever you wrote has no relation to my post. It seems the moment you saw Time & Money and Christian, you went ballistic without fully comprehending my message.

Your thoughts on the whole subject is basically shallow. Especially on your unscriptural equation of "Less money means less work. Less work means more time to serve God.".

Let me know when you can pay my bills. I will glad to send them to you.

It is amazing how Christians can have such mediocre mentality. What's frightening is being afraid of "making money". Money in itself is a tool.

If Christians allow themselves to get "sucked into the world system" (sounds like a job tpursuit of "freedom of money", what a sad o me..) in Christian faith they must have!And what sad influence the church must be making!

I say that a mediocre Christian is far useless than a Christian without time. A Christian without time might be fully serving his work or business as a ministry unto God than that of a mediocre Christian whose thought is only in himself rather than doing more than he can when he really can.

Remember, the workers deserve their wages. Or maybe they need less money too. Perhaps a little more reading on the Epistles?

Jan 23, 2006, 9:36:00 PM Anonymous said...

Dear ravi k,

You wrote, "God does not need anyones money, time or services. We have a choice to acquire more money and time, but it in no way draws us closer to God or God closer to us."

Yes! God does not need anyone's money, time or services!

Yes! In no way by anyone's choice to acquire more money and time will draw either us or God to each other.

You are absolutely right!

But everyone who chooses TO SERVE GOD must have Money AND Time to provide service to expand GOD's KINGDOM!

In addition to the above; I would like to comment further on my thougths. This is what I strongly believed and you don't have to agree with me.

In "1 Thess 1:3;We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ."

If Christians CAN'T have faith in what God has commanded Christians to do; that is to LOVE one another, there will NOT BE ANY HOPE.

Fellow Christians! Its not about the Money and Time that we will have or not have. It is how we STEWARD the MONEY and TIME which BELONGS TO GOD, ANYWAY.

If we are LACK of MONEY and SHORT of TIME; the answer is OBVIOUS - GOD have NO CONFIDENCE in our STEWARDSHIP!

My fellow Christians, have FAITH in our brothers, show LOVE by listening, not criticizing and we will give HOPE to our brothers quests for excellence in SERVING GOD.

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