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The Religion of Work

Read in today's The Star, Section Two, about people being hopelessly devoted to their work.

The articles says that in a research done, some people "were so passionate about their job they believe it defines who they are and gives their life meaning.". It also states where some directors find more meaning at the workplace rather than at home or socially! (Are these the new psycho-worker army of the future?)

It goes on to say that a lot people want to put in the extra long hours because they find they could make a difference at their workplace.

However, the articles stresses that "having a job that makes you feel valued and part of a community does not in itself render you unbalanced. The imbalance occurs when work is the only place where your needs are being met."

One important note mentioned in the article is about the meaning of work. "The Spanish word for work, trabajo, comes from a Latin word for an instrument of torture."

I would like to say that work is NOT life. When someone begins to say that it defines them or they find their lives in work, I personally believe they have situations in the lives that they won't reveal but would rather facade it over with an unreal zeal that is not really there.

Life is definitely worth much more than work. When you open your eyes to understand that this earth is far beyond the cubicle, then you would realise you want the freedom to experience life completely and fully beyond the cubicle.

Remember, Trabajo, is an Instrument of Torture.


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