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Samy Vellu & The Bullock Cart

Sounds like a dang great title, ain't it?

I just wonder.. this is coming from the supposed senior experienced veteran politician who runs a political party. Is it just me or is Samy Vellu is going senile? Or he's the epitome of a lame excuse for snouting greedy politician?

Even if the residents were at fault, shouldn't this.. guy.. speak like someone who is serving the community? Of course, please don't expect that from the money suckers.

It's time for Indians and others alike to STOP depending on political parties to help the communities. If people can help people, then the community can help themselves.

We need to work towards attainment financial freedom and the others does the same, it benefits the people.

When we have wealthy, enligthened and caring generation building others and themselves, we can build a better, stronger, caring community that builds a better, stronger, more caring NATION!

Stop giving to others when you can give yourself!

Have a blast!


Oct 3, 2005, 11:23:00 PM ali allah ditta said...

Thats what U get when U put the same old fart in office after every pilihanraya!!

Oct 4, 2005, 12:53:00 PM Story Teller said...

I have long abandoned the need for a political party for support in my life.

Oct 4, 2005, 2:02:00 PM Anucia said...

thats why i'll never ever vote!all these twisted people are up there to ensure no one else ever take their place..
every vote counts??do we look like fools to you?
Btw, the indian community will always stay where they are (right at the back and the end of things) until they stop taking Samy's bullshit as the word of God.

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