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Never wait for tomorrow lest it brings sorrow..

Sounds poetic, eh?

Well, it's true, nevertheless. Most of us are comfortable at where we are that we don't realise we live in a rotting decaying rut. Think about it. What do we do in the VERY BEST hours of your LIFE? At what inhuman time do we wake up to the alarm and who are our road companions on the way to the fortress of Sorrytitude?

Our lives, which are far greater a value than that of a payslip, is reduced to the petty words of B-man, Da Boss! Whatever the B-man says, we worship (with curses, yet we worship) every word.

What if tomorrow doesn't turn out the way it has been always been? What if tomorrow brings to a screeching grinding halt your pay? What if tomorrow declares aloud in the papers of yet another petrol hike!?

We take for granted our lives. We take for granted the rutty job. We think it will be there for ever. We think our lives are so set when we are so blind to the fallacy of employment.

Maybe if we took time to reflect about my lives, our families and about tomorrow. Maybe then we will realise it is not about our what we want, it is about what we NEED.

And most often, what we NEED doesn't come in cute little pinky wrappers..

Have a blast!


Oct 14, 2005, 7:00:00 PM devilwitattitude said...

well that wouldnt be mean as life would it...but by the day u wait for tomorow, it will come past as today/..

Oct 17, 2005, 12:08:00 AM Slickdrums said...

am trying to understand ur comment. it's about being prepared. never wait. just because you think it may not, it might. And yes, even if you think it does, it may not. To a large extent, we can do more. Waiting is a gamble. Something I don't believe in. I rather be sure. May not be 100% sure, at least I can a greater sense of security. Question is, are we glad it's TODAY. or do we wish it was still YESTERDAY. Do something with your life.

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