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One INSTANT LIFE, please!

This is the lifestyle of TODAY.

Instant noodles.
Instant coffee.
Instant TV dinners.
Instant cookies.
Instant blending.
Instant relationships.
Fast Food.
Fast lane. literally.
Fast to work.
Quick dinner.
Quick "Hello".
Quick "Bye".
Quick kiss.

Welcome to the Instant Life! With it, you also have the main course of Instant Pressure. Instant Datelines. Instant reports. Instant death. We thank you for your patronage.

Instant.. Fast.. Quick. Quite the life many lead. Being in the advanced Age of Industrialisation, we have grown to beat our bodies to create instant results. To work FAST, speedily. To be on the move, to be quick on our toes.

However, as we cherished the opportunities each challenges provides, we learnt to live on the INSTANT.

We have lost the value of living life. There's no such thing as "Smelling the roses". It's too slow. No time. So we have forgotten that love grows with time. You can't find done in an INSTANT.

We understand the need to love and be loved. Yet, with the need to get things done, to get ahead, to get moving, is taking that love away. Unfortunately, we have yet to realise there's a deep chasm of emptiness building up FAST!

Life is not about on the GO. Life is not about being INSTANT. Not about moving FAST nor being QUICK. It is about Irealising how FAST our lives can fade in an INSTANT with a QUICK blink of an eye.

The working environment today requires us to be SPEED workers. Always on the move. Always due yesterday. This is the environment of DEATH. More and more very YOUNG people, who have yet to taste the goodness of life, live out their very LAST DAYS with the QUICK attack of the heart - Alone!

It is good to have certain instant stuff. Good to have things done fast. Great to be quick with certain responses. However, it is never good to life live furiously on the INSTANT that it passes you by, only leaving you an empty shell that you can vividly remember as life!

So think about your life. Think about making your life count. Don't live life by the INSTANT. Live it to its FULLNESS!
You can make a change today.

Have a blast!

Never wait for tomorrow lest it brings sorrow..

Sounds poetic, eh?

Well, it's true, nevertheless. Most of us are comfortable at where we are that we don't realise we live in a rotting decaying rut. Think about it. What do we do in the VERY BEST hours of your LIFE? At what inhuman time do we wake up to the alarm and who are our road companions on the way to the fortress of Sorrytitude?

Our lives, which are far greater a value than that of a payslip, is reduced to the petty words of B-man, Da Boss! Whatever the B-man says, we worship (with curses, yet we worship) every word.

What if tomorrow doesn't turn out the way it has been always been? What if tomorrow brings to a screeching grinding halt your pay? What if tomorrow declares aloud in the papers of yet another petrol hike!?

We take for granted our lives. We take for granted the rutty job. We think it will be there for ever. We think our lives are so set when we are so blind to the fallacy of employment.

Maybe if we took time to reflect about my lives, our families and about tomorrow. Maybe then we will realise it is not about our what we want, it is about what we NEED.

And most often, what we NEED doesn't come in cute little pinky wrappers..

Have a blast!

Samy Vellu & The Bullock Cart

Sounds like a dang great title, ain't it?

I just wonder.. this is coming from the supposed senior experienced veteran politician who runs a political party. Is it just me or is Samy Vellu is going senile? Or he's the epitome of a lame excuse for snouting greedy politician?

Even if the residents were at fault, shouldn't this.. guy.. speak like someone who is serving the community? Of course, please don't expect that from the money suckers.

It's time for Indians and others alike to STOP depending on political parties to help the communities. If people can help people, then the community can help themselves.

We need to work towards attainment financial freedom and the others does the same, it benefits the people.

When we have wealthy, enligthened and caring generation building others and themselves, we can build a better, stronger, caring community that builds a better, stronger, more caring NATION!

Stop giving to others when you can give yourself!

Have a blast!