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What a break!

Oh, yes. A much needed rest for me. After all that running around (which accounts for the lack of posting on the blog), it was a great welcome!

Amazing how when we arrive at the eve or the week of the holiday, we automatically tune into a holiday mood? No matter how much I may love the work, I still look forward to the holidays?

That's because naturally we want to be able to control our time. That's why we yearn for holidays - not just for rest - to run own activities with no boundaries. Imagine for those who had to WORK on Merdeka Day (oh yeah, what fun... NOT!!) ! A friend of mine had to fly down to Singapore for a meeting. When he could have stayed back with his wife and daughter and do things for his own interests? Hmm, I would bet my top RINGGIT that he didn't think for a minute it was his idea of FUN!

Anyhow, how about everyday a day in YOUR control like a MERDEKA holiday? No rush thru the jam, No need to jostle with people at the LRT, No need to elbow old aunties at the Mall....

I loved the holiday and I want it every other day! My life's shortening and coinciding with our Independence Day, I want to have my independence!

How about you?

Have a blast!


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