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Political Party Wars: the people get hurt the most

The latest in the mud-wrestling: MIC.

I was amused by V.K. Chin's article on MIC's president Samy Vellu's contribution to the Indian people. Very amused.
Since when did Samy Vellu or MIC did anything significant for the Indian community that it has developed far greater than it was, say, 10 years ago? Seems like the Indian is still stuck in the same time zone as it was then.

Even as a Works minister, he doesn't seem to be doing a good job (if you read the papers, you have read about the development of the road works for a highway that enroached the buffer zone within a residential area).

I guess V.K Chin must be vying for some good points.

I vowed never to get involved in this party ever since my Dad was involved. He worked his butt off only to receive zero recognition for his efforts. Not in terms of monetary or position, but due recognition. None.

It is this very attitude that Samy Vellu has of "not forgetting nor forgiving" that has stumbled the party and in fact, the community themselves. The same goes for Datuk Subramaniam. Both of them DO NOT have the people in mind. Rather, it is the POWER they are vying for.

Everyone in MIC working hard for position is not doing it for the sake of the people, but for themselves.

I have relatives in prominent positions in MIC and all I can say - they will change course of direction wherever the power is! And this is the sentiment, or even better the culture, of the MIC party.

In fact, it is the MALAYSIAN Political culture!

In all the mud-slinging, the bystanders suffer. If there are such divisiness within the parties, how can they work together for the good of the citizens?

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Sep 27, 2005, 5:22:00 PM Anonymous said...

I remembered recently a reporter asking him, "When are you retiring?"

He replied, "I can't! There's still a lot NOT DONE for the Indian community yet. I can't just go."

After over 20 years, he says he has NOT DONE a lot for the Indian Community. Hmmm...

HA! Smellylu did made his contributions; NOTHING!

Sep 28, 2005, 12:04:00 PM Slickdrums said...

Yeah, he just means "I can't go. There's SO MUCH money to be made from the poor Indian community who THINKS I am doing something. I still have that real estate in India to buy."

Jan 6, 2006, 9:27:00 PM Anonymous said...

When has Samy Veelu talk sense. His son is running Maika. he can@t even spell his own name backwards

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