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Feeling The Pinch: When the wallet hurts, so does our FUTURE!

The more we slave every hour for payslip at the end of every month, we are entrusting our whole life into the cares of the ones who gives us that slip. And we think to ourselves, "Oh! What a wonderful world!".

While our throats may not as coarse as Louis Amstrong's, it would when we realise our security is rather.. false! That's when the other slip comes about!

Do we think that just because our employers hired us, they are going to take of us? If we had wives or children, would our employers, our bosses tell us, "Not to worry, Josh. We will give them you payslip since you were an employee!".

If we did, let's give ourselves a very big slap on the face. Make sure it hurts. Because one has to be the opposite of smart to think that.

Oh, wait, oh wait.. I have "INVESTED". Oh yes. I have seen how that has helped. Problem is, there are no guarantees whatsoever in stocks, shares, bonds and whatever that rides upon the credibility of the market growth. There are some things that are much, MUCH more secure & GUARANTEED than that of the dependency on the flaky thin ice of the share market.

There are some things that have withstood the ups and downs of the economy with growing income. As long as there is continuous human need, some businesses are inflation and recession proof.

Sadly, people still prefer to remain complacent than to prepare a wall of security and bed of comfort should hard times come. And even if doesn't, we can still enjoy life, now to a greater new height!

Yet, people today still prefer the "quick buck". That's why "INVESTMENT" is so very much manipulated and conjured for purposes of making money. People still think the Holy Grail is actually money dropping from the sky. Unfortunately, we are at time too blind to notice the Grail right before our eyes.

If we could realise that this one we live, we can live better - us and our families, all we need to do is work smart & hard for only a short period of time, to enjoy a lasting legacy of financial freedom!

Companies are downsizing, and they are not giving a hoot about the employees. Why should they? It bottomline that matters. We may be in the way of that bottomline. Where do we go from here?

I am working towards my freedom, are you?

Have a blast!


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