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As reported in the NST yesterday, Malaysians today are very concerned with ever-increasing cost of living expenses and the economic conditions. Why? Because it seems that it is getting difficult to cover their living expenses with the salary they receive.

The truth is, it is the reality. As more and more people work hard and harder, they only trade hours for dollars.

However, as long as people trade their hours for dollars in a conventional job, they cannot duplicate their efforts through others to yield profits for themselves. As an employee, whatever we may duplicate to generate more sales or volume, most of the profit (if not all) goes back to the top management and shareholders.

Not easy for even a conventional business to duplicate their efforts to increase more hours to produce more volume. Why? Every manpower is an expense.

How does this relate to the article? It's about making money. Money is not everything, yet almost everything requires money!

The way I look at it, we could slave every day for money. Or, we could get money to slave for us! As cost of living escalates, it seems that our salaries don't match the escalation.

We work the same hours. Make the same money. Unfortunately, not the same expenses. It's time for us to take evasive action!

Check out the frontpage article:
Feeling the pinch

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