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What you love to do vs What you want to have!

We really need to understand that there is a difference between what we love to do and what we want to have!

I met a friend of mine recently. He ventured into what he loved to do. I did speak to him about achieving financial security while he's on the pursuit of passion. He brushed me aside saying what he did was what he loved and he wanted to put in 100% of his time & energy.

That was about 4 months ago.

Just recently, I heard he quit his job. I met up with him for a cuppa in Ikea and we talked about what happened, what to do now and the sort. He's very much in a financial challenge. Having to live now by whatever he can do - not what he loves. He needs the money, so he tries to do whatever he can.

Ironic, isn't it? Being a friend and wanting to help him NOT experience this again, I shared to him about this very thing of what we love to do versus what we want to have. It is not related and it is very important to identify. The "what I love to do" bit has to do with interest. The "what I want to have" has to do with security. Your interest can be pursued, but never at the expense of security.

You may love to be an enterpreneur who just loves to be in a business of what you love. Yeah, sure sounds like a dream. Perhaps not. Most often than not, it is a nightmare. I told my friend that reality bites. We need money and we need to ensure that our lives would be driven into financial slavery at NO COST - whether at the cost of doing more than just what we love to do or even wait for something like that!

I told him that I rather drink the cup of tea brewed for financial security than the bitter unswalloable tea of time & money slavery! I rather work on the side apart from what I do to ensure my life to be free. Freedom is worth drinking the cup of tea even if I don't like tea.

It's better than to drink your boss' cup of tea.

Have a blast!


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