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What you love to do vs What you want to have!

We really need to understand that there is a difference between what we love to do and what we want to have!

I met a friend of mine recently. He ventured into what he loved to do. I did speak to him about achieving financial security while he's on the pursuit of passion. He brushed me aside saying what he did was what he loved and he wanted to put in 100% of his time & energy.

That was about 4 months ago.

Just recently, I heard he quit his job. I met up with him for a cuppa in Ikea and we talked about what happened, what to do now and the sort. He's very much in a financial challenge. Having to live now by whatever he can do - not what he loves. He needs the money, so he tries to do whatever he can.

Ironic, isn't it? Being a friend and wanting to help him NOT experience this again, I shared to him about this very thing of what we love to do versus what we want to have. It is not related and it is very important to identify. The "what I love to do" bit has to do with interest. The "what I want to have" has to do with security. Your interest can be pursued, but never at the expense of security.

You may love to be an enterpreneur who just loves to be in a business of what you love. Yeah, sure sounds like a dream. Perhaps not. Most often than not, it is a nightmare. I told my friend that reality bites. We need money and we need to ensure that our lives would be driven into financial slavery at NO COST - whether at the cost of doing more than just what we love to do or even wait for something like that!

I told him that I rather drink the cup of tea brewed for financial security than the bitter unswalloable tea of time & money slavery! I rather work on the side apart from what I do to ensure my life to be free. Freedom is worth drinking the cup of tea even if I don't like tea.

It's better than to drink your boss' cup of tea.

Have a blast!

No matter how much I love the work.. the JOB's still a RUT!

Can you imagine this? Waking up real sleepy. Why? Because of the need to trade hours for dollars.

I live in USJ. I used to wake up at 6.30am to leave by 7.00am. These days, no matter how much the cool morning beckons my body to take another 2 hours sleep, I need to get wakey, wakey by 6.10am. To leave by 6.30am.

*Slap on Forehead!!* How's that for getting up to do what you love to do!

You must be kidding me. Don't get me wrong. I love what I do. Have my own business in mobile & Internet services. Enjoy the work, yet.. I STILL HATE THE RUT!

Loving my work DOESN"T mean I HAVE to give up the best hours of my life. Loving my work DOESN'T replace the fact that I LOVE my LIFE more. Like my family. Plus my sleep..*Grunt*!

The other thing is about lunches & afternoon naps. Will talk about that later. It's the next best thing after watching a Movie on Monday morning 10am without worry your phone will ring or sms from the boss... :-)

Have a blast!

Get out of the RUT.. BE FREE!

We should be living our lives as we want to. Not clocking in, clocking out.

Being FREE simply means you are controlled by the variables that chokes us to slaving daily. It means, rather than rolling out, we are able to rolling OVER. Enjoy the bed, the rest. Enjoy the weather. Only waking when we WANT to, not when we HAVE to.

Not being controlled by the alarm. How dreadful is that? Every morning. Damn alarm! Enjoying greater standards of living without the need to slave another day. Of course, these are the fruits of certain efforts. But if it doesn't take me another 20 yrs to achieve it and I can get it done within 6-12 months, why not?

Who loves to start living only after 55? That's total b*llsh*t! That's when after all that stress, anxiety of slaving for a madman it starts to affect our lives and when we began to deteriorate with all kinds of diseases!

Live ought to be lived when we can truly enjoy it! Our purpose to enjoy it with our loved ones!

Take today for instance, the real stupid jam spoilt my day! For a moment, at least. Wasted my time. Then again, rather than face that stupid jam, I would love to be in BED! Snoring!

Yeah, we all love to work (yeah, yeah.. take a look at the boss, first). But who loves to wake up wee early in the morning, to brave the war of the cars, filled with stress & anxiety?


Ah, the Perfect Business!

Below is the list of the Dow Theory Letters compiled by Richard Russell. This summary of the letter contains 12 values a perfect business should contain. It is to assist anyone is looking for a business to venture into.

Before even I was exposed to the list, I had believe that the business I am in has contained more than just the 12 values stated. All the more excited I was when I heard one of my mentors, an acclaimed Financial & Business Planner expert, use the Dow Theory Letter perfect business values to affirm that what indeed we are building is indeed the Perfect Business.

I am very proud of what I am building as it affirms the values set below. Whenever looking out for a great business venture, always, always keep your mind open. Nothing is what it seems. Believe me, I know as I speak as a conventional business man now enlightened towards greater possibilites.

Anyways, have a good read. The full article can be found here! Enjoy!

By Richard Russell

AH PERFECTION: Strange, but the most popular, the most widely-requested, and the most widely quoted piece I've ever written was not about the stock market -- it was about business, and specifically about what I call the theoretical "ideal business." I first published this piece in the early-1970s. I repeated it in Letter 881 and then again in Letter 982. I've added a few thoughts in each successive edition. But seldom does a month go by when I don't get requests from subscribers or from some publication or corporation to republish "the ideal business." So here it is again -- with a few added comments.

(1) The ideal business sells the world, rather than a single neighborhood or even a single city or state. In other words, it has an unlimited global market (and today this is more important than ever, since world markets have now opened up to an extent unparalleled in my lifetime). By the way, how many times have you seen a retail store that has been doing well for years -- then another bigger and better retail store moves nearby, and it's kaput for the first store.

(2) The ideal business offers a product which enjoys an "inelastic" demand. Inelastic refers to a product that people need or desire -- almost regardless of price.

(3) The ideal business sells a product which cannot be easily substituted or copied. This means that the product is an original or at least it's something that can be copyrighted or patented.

(4) The ideal business has minimal labor requirements (the fewer personnel, the better). Today's example of this is the much-talked about "virtual corporation." The virtual corporation may consist of an office with three executives, where literally all manufacturing and services are farmed out to other companies.

(5) The ideal business enjoys low overhead. It does not need an expensive location; it does not need large amounts of electricity, advertising, legal advice, high-priced employees, large inventory, etc.

(6) The ideal business does not require big cash outlays or major investments in equipment. In other words, it does not tie up your capital (incidentally, one of the major reasons for new-business failure is under-capitalization).

(7) The ideal business enjoys cash billings. In other words, it does not tie up your capital with lengthy or complex credit terms.

(8) The ideal business is relatively free of all kinds of government and industry regulations and strictures (and if you're now in your own business, you most definitely know what I mean with this one).

(9) The ideal business is portable or easily moveable. This means that you can take your business (and yourself) anywhere you want -- Nevada, Florida, Texas, Washington, S. Dakota (none have state income taxes) or hey, maybe even Monte Carlo or Switzerland or the south of France.

(10) Here's a crucial one that's often overlooked; the ideal business satisfies your intellectual (and often emotional) needs. There's nothing like being fascinated with what you're doing. When that happens, you're not working, you're having fun.

(11) The ideal business leaves you with free time. In other words, it doesn't require your labor and attention 12, 16 or 18 hours a day (my lawyer wife, who leaves the house at 6:30 AM and comes home at 6:30 PM and often later, has been well aware of this one).

(12) Super-important: the ideal business is one in which your income is not limited by your personal output (lawyers and doctors have this problem). No, in the ideal business you can sell 10,000 customers as easily as you sell one (publishing is an example).

That's it. If you use this list it may help you cut through a lot of nonsense and hypocrisy and wishes and dreams regarding what you are looking for in life and in your work. None of us own or work at the ideal business. But it's helpful knowing what we're looking for and dealing with. As a buddy of mine once put it, "I can't lay an egg and I can't cook, but I know what a great omelet looks like and tastes like."