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To be successful you must be willing!

"Once you've closed yourself off to new ideas, you've ceased to grow."
- Napoleon Hill

I read this article titled "Successful people listen to new ideas" and I do agree.

In order for you to be a WINNER, you NEED to be willing to hear out ideas. Whether old ones or new ones, always reflect them as if they are new. The moment we say, "Oh, that one.. I have heard it before.. blah blah blah". Most of the time, we just spit out BLAHS not knowing what we are hearing. We only assume. Which, incidentally, most of us are good at.

The moment we decide to say to ourselves, "Why not?" or "Yeah, no harm listening" or "Maybe I missed something the other times someone else said it" or "I am sure I can pick something here", we open ourselves to GOLDEN opportunities that is lying in wait for us to grab.

Don't say NO, say "WHYNOT?"

Have a blast!


Jul 12, 2005, 1:07:00 PM Unknown said...

Try telling that to the conventional business person. :)


Jul 13, 2005, 8:52:00 AM Slickdrums said...

Well, Danny, I am a conventional business person as well.

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