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Make a choice.

Sometimes making a choice is not exactly what we would like to do. Yet, we must.

Received a comment for my Truly, Deeply snip-note below..

Don said...

I agree with you here totally. I have done everything in my power to achieve the goals of spending my time enjoying life with people that I like. You never know when it all may end.

I've reduced my cost of living, I reject conspicuous consumtion, I shop at thrift stores and discount grocery stores, I make do with what I have whenever possible and try my best to be self-sufficient.

Dump that corporate job that has you using up your precious life doing something that means nothing to you. If you aren't enjoying yourself doing something that satisfies you, you are a slave. Envision the life you want, and live it. You don't get a second chance.

It's great to hear you have decided to live your life, Don. Hope it works out.

I do have my personal vision and aspirations for the kind of life I want. However, whilst I do want to be self-sufficient (in fact, I think all of us need to be. The term self-sufficient here is being able to provide for yourselves, rather than dependency on a J.O.B), I aspire to more than a "just getting by" lifestyle. I want to enjoy life. Enjoy the different cultures, foods, holidays, time with my family, beautiful things. And why not? We were not created for a "just getting by" life!

I have been running my personal business to achieve exactly that. I do want a great lifestyle. If I can afford a great lifestyle, it means I can do more for others who are in need. And I have seen one too many. I have decided to be a Millionaire. It is more than the cars, the house, vacations, resorts, being debt-free, no doubt I would love that, I want to help people around me. To be an impact to my community. The best part is, everyone else can do the same. Imagine, a world community of financial free people helping others in need!

I am not saying this is what everyone should envision this for themselves, rather I am saying WE can do more for our families, ourselves and others around WHEN WE DECIDE to have more than just slaving for a boss. What I would like to advocate here is FINANCIAL freedom. No debts plus no dependency on slaving for a buck. Think of the endless opportunities for us and our families.

Decide now. Make THAT choice.

Have a blast.


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