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Home studios anyone?

In the course of building my business, I come to meet people a lot. One recent associate I came to know is a student studying here and is from Botswana. Very much into the music scene especially house, funk, African music and the sort.

Since two of my goals are to be involved in Christian music fulltime (I am a drummer btw) with the church band I'm with and to have my own underground home studio, we found common ground and chatted. And I found out that he wanted to cut some demo for his pieces that he had done.

The only problem was: COST. As someone once said, "Money is not everything. Yet, almost everything requires money." We met with one of my friends who is in the Sound sytem line. However, truth be told, we still needed a studio to make a demo piece.

If any of you know who has a home studio and is willing to work on venture basis (which means, no money down now - only later when CDs can sell) and work on this as a project, pls shoot me an email at

Have a blast!


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