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Hearing from the other side of Asiaworks..

Ah, from the other end of the rainbow. Thanks Poulette. My question still remains, are you suppose to give this training greater priority over your other goals and plans?

Poulotte said...

I attended Asiaworks many many years ago. I was in LP8. IMHO, the training is good.

Well, it is not a cult. No practices or no worshipping any gods or no sacrificing anything in that sense.

Brainwashing? Perhaps to some people it is. Because this is what happen. It suppose to open ur blinkers or widen ur box or ur paradigm. So, it will show you what it is like in the opposite point of view.

If you are someone who is quiet and reserve, trust me, they will make you talk and express. If you are someone who talk a lot and sorta love to be the center of the attention, they will let you experience what is it like to shaddap and listen to others for once.

It is taking you out of ur comfort zone. Some people will have a sudden realisation that they can actually do those things that they always thot they can't once given the opportunity experience the things they will never do if not under "have to" circumstances.

The training also give u a really honest and frank opinion about urself...things that u never thought u r that kind of person. These are achieved through exercises. If you are participate in the exercises 100% and have a open mind, u will see the results even before the de-briefing. Some people just cannot accept the frankness coz it does hurt.

Well, it is a self development those who sign up expecting nothing be done to them must be not thinking.

If you attend Asiawork, go with a open mind and open heart. Enjoy the training and make the best of out it. You pay lotsa money for it so make sure u learn everything possible.

Just like bungee jumping - many people won't do it but many people have done it and actually loved it and felt liberated. Some done it and hated it and in worst case, people died, but still it is still a famous sport.

Anthonny Robbins made people walk on fire after his seminar. And thousands of people can do it. Power of the mind, power of believing.

I am definitely not selling Asiaworks but I find it beneficial, even after many many years. My brain is still intact, if washed, I guess for the betterment of myself.

Well, I still go thru up and down after the training,so it is not a miracle course or problem solving center. But I have a wider perspective in life and know that possibilities are endless. You still are the one to put the learning into practice and make them happen.

The downside of the training is that it is very costly, but most self development courses or even professional courses are blardy expensive in this country.

Actually, I came to know that walking on fire in Tony Robbins seminars has nothing to do with mind power. It has to do the science of what time of the day to walk on and what color the coals are. Apparently, it is not as what it seems. Marketing in the best form? Imagine, shoot yourself in the hand AND feel no pain, you will ( a bit of YODAism there). Bah, humbug (a bit of Scrooge too)!

There are courses or self-development where you don't give your arm, leg or KFC O.R. Chicken Fillet Burger away. I hear that you need to get focused on enrolment. This is where I don't buy this whole thingaroo.

It's ok to promote it since it instills value yet you are happy since you don't make money out of your friend. YET, you allow Asiaworks to make money out of them. Yes, I think Asiaworks MAKES A WHOLE CASELOAD of BUCKAROOS from people! Worst, they have to give their KFC O.R. Chicken Fillet Burger away. Sad, sad..


Jul 13, 2005, 11:11:00 AM Poulotte said...

The training focus on your goals and plans. It is suppose to help you to prioritise what are important to you - ur career, family, personal ambition, relationship, etc...whichever matter to you most. Then you work it out to achieve them.

It is tough, well, many times, we don't achieve most of our goals in real life anyway. We give up and we always have very valid excuses and reasons and justifications. So here in the Asiawork training, they make you see that there are actually possibilities.

Frankly, there are many possibilities...but some are just to tough and some people can't handle it. Thus, they quit or complain but some became more determined and try to achieve it, well, tho not succesful all the time, but heck, at least you try, right?

I heard bout the fire thing, but people still won't walk thru it if they don't believe that they can do the impossible.

Just like driving, some of us can drive to anywhere and anytime. Drop me in Australia, yes, I will go behind the wheel and drive. Easy.

But to some people, for e.g. my sister will never have the guts to drive. I dunno what is her reason but totally think that she can't. Lack of confidence and fear, I guess. I mean, comon, it is just driving, almost everyone do it.

Well, I am just giving point of views from both ends. Nothing is really good or bad. It all depends what you want and what are your perceptions.

When I was there, I hated the enrolment. Like hey, why should I be selling Asiaworks to my friends. I don't get the money.

But later, I realised something. Those who can enrol are generally (not all) just good in most areas of their lives. They don't complain bout enrolment but they just do it, not because they have to, but because they enjoyed it and they totally believe that people will benefit from it. The power of believing again.

It is kinda working life. You noticed some people complain bout their work - almost everything. My boss is blah blah blah. My colleagues are blah blah blah. My company is stupid blah blah blah. Some people run companies and yet burdened with lotsa responsibilities and companies goals. Yet, they are positive and high achiever. And they focus on ur solving their problems and achieving their goals rather than keep talking bout how bad things are.

As for making money, Asiaworks is a business making money is their goal. I rather they make money than they go busted. Cos if busted, it only shows that all these self development is fake and total BS.

Phew! I said enough. Sorry to talk too much in your blog. But thak you for the opportunities.

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