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"Dream Job" is an oxymoron.

You have seen the Ads. Seen the promos. Even surfed the site.

Yes, it's that reality show. In fact, I should say, another reality show. Well, we all know the Nescafe Kick-Start program has been on. This is "Season" 2 for year 2005. You can check out the program at Nescafe Kick-Start. It's that programs that brings participants together working with their mentors to win their dream job. The participants win moolah of RM150,000 and they embark either on setting up a company or to pursue higher education etc to achieve their dream "job".

The term Dream Job brings a chuckle to me. Yeah, perhaps to you young 'uns, you might think that there is a such a thing. I sure used to. Found out it was like that Microsoft Demo Heaven Hell joke (you know where the Heaven scene was a demo, the actual program was Hell). When I started working 18 years ago, I was vying for the dream job. When you landed one, you dreamt again for another. However, I found out that the term DREAM JOB is nothing but an OXYMORON. Dream and Job are like saying ANGELIC HELL or like LOVABLE BOSS or even like SECURE JOB.

It may start out as a dream (most probably because you are high on sugar that you took in your cuppa on that morning you are starting work because you are excited to get started), however, it ends up quite the opposite (when you find out that a job is nothing more than "Chosen Slavery").

I like to distinguish between work and job. I love the work, but I hate the job. The work is what I do. The job is what I need to go through - the motion. And very very importantly, I never dumb down MY dreams to my job. There's nothing wrong getting a job. We all need that right now to bring the bacon (or salad, for the healthy ones) home. However, do we all want to end up slaving away trading hours for dollars til we are popped out at 55? Or even 40? I for one found out that my job and work didn't help achieve what I truly wanted.

Nescafe Kick-Start may offer you an opportunity to be in a job you love after completing your studies or even start your own company. Being a conventional entrepreneur myself, I found that even holding a job as an entrepreneur is STILL being a slave to your business. I never wanted to slave to a boss or even to a business. My goal was to make money (lot's of it) and get out to enjoy my life. Didn't find that true for conventional business. However, after a while, found an entrepreneurial program that allows me to do such. There's still work, best part is I don't need to GIVE AWAY my life! Especially my best strong years! (the ones where I am still able to move around..)

I am young, well.. according to some people. So, I intend to retire before I am 37 (which someone reminded me that I am not far off from .. *hint*).

Rather than having a DREAM job - be it for a boss or a business - I rather WORK for MY DREAMS! Your most important DREAM should first and foremost be about YOU and your loved ones!


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